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Comments that bloggers should disapprove

Updated on January 4, 2011

Comments that bloggers should disapprove

Bloggers write to inform and engage users or visitors. It is good to have comments through comment boxes as you make it an interactive platform and get some valuable feedback comment). But how do you filter the comments from and yet keep the SEO rank going up.

  • Spam, obscene or absolutely irrelevant remarks obviously a No.
  • Advertisers who distract your visitors are a NO. Especially totally irrelevant ads
  • Competition is obviously a No, unless it is a healthy discuss and a mutual growth opportunity. Make sure you don’t lose your visitors to them.
  • Nasty negative remarks are a NO. It may be detrimental to your blog. Even if it may help extend the discussions.  Constructive feedback that helps you improvise is welcome.
  • All positive remarks should not be accepted. Some advertisers hide behind “great content”, “Bookmarked your page”, “beautiful writing” etc. They are mostly simply advertising their pages or products. Even if positive, your visitors would lose interest in you.

 It is always good to be the Moderator of your blog. Filter, moderate and respond to comments to make your blog interactive, and get a higher ranking.


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