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Commercial Vacuums or Cheap Vacuums

Updated on May 5, 2011

Commercial Vacuums or Cheap Vacuums

Commercial Vacuums & Parts

Recommendation for buying vacuums.

Commercial Grade or Cheap Vacuums?

If you are using vacuums for your home and using your vacuums for 1 to 2 times per week, purchasing domestic models should be just fine.

However, if you are a cleaning contractor and using your vacuums for commercial purposes, you should consider purchasing commercial grade. You have to pay little bit more, but they are built to last longer and handle the heavy duty usage.

If you have a large office building or a large open area to vacuum, please consider wide area vacuum or vacuum sweepers. These wide area vacuums are easier to work with and you can get your job done lot faster. Labor saving and back saving too !!

Backpack vacuum is a handy useful vacuum, if you do lots of dusting of high places, corners and edges, etc. Some cleaning people even prefer to use Backpack on all of their vacuuming, unless their customer specifically ask to use upright vacuum to see that nice and fresh tract that upright vacuum leaves behind. So, that is an option for you.

Do not always go for the cheapest that you can find. You get what you pay for. Even if you have to pay little bit more extra, get a good quality vacuum with a good warranty program with it.

Note: Wide vacuums with side attachment tools are great.
Sweeper vacuums are usually battery run, so it lasts only few hours and your have put it in for charge, but it covers large area faster than other small uprights.

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