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Common Mistakes That New Affiliate Marketers Make

Updated on January 10, 2017

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the finest ways to earn money online. You need to have an affiliate account with the seller and your website or social media account where you can promote the products. With every product sold from your link, you will get a predefined commission as a reward for your hard work.

Here are the common mistakes that a new affiliate marketer makes:

1. Improper Website:
The biggest mistake that the new affiliate marketers make is not designing a proper website. This has two cons; the first one is that it is difficult to index an incomplete website in Google and it is next to impossible to get it on the first page. Moreover, your visitors will not have a trust factor and might end up not purchasing the products from your links.Make sure you have a decent looking design, proper content, well-mapped pages, robot.txt, etc. All these make up your website a complete one that can easily grab a good rank in search results.

2. Poor Presentation:
If your website looks untidy and if it is not updated with proper content to guide your buyers, it is difficult to get conversions. The first thing to keep in mind while designing an affiliate marketing website is that your website should help the visitors to select a product from varieties available in the market.So instead of just focusing on the sales, focus on how your user can get benefit by visiting your site. It is important to aid customers to compare products, write reviews, can engage them in discussion, etc. to keep them engaged.

3. Wrong Products:
Your users trust you and read your reviews to decide which products they should purchase. If you do not select good products in your recommendations, it is of no use for your viewers. Make sure you choose the product that your users can really benefit from in a particular niche, category or sub-category. If you put up only high-cost products on your website to earn higher commissions, your viewers might not purchase them. Instead, they might shift to other websites that review the products genuinely.

4. Wrong Affiliate Partner:
Make sure you are giving links that are trust worthy to the affiliate partner. If you redirect your visitors to the eCommerce websites that are not too famous or trust-worthy, it would result in higher bounce rates and you might not be able to generate enough revenues. Always select an affiliate partner that has a good reputation in the market. Most of the affiliate marketers prefer Amazon or click bank as their affiliate partners.

5. Poor Affiliate Network:
Having a good affiliate network helps you generate good revenues. Almost every niche now is reaching to its saturation level. You need to find the untouched niche for affiliate marketing and build your affiliate network accordingly. Remember, do not try link exchange as you might have to bear heavy penalty due to unethical SEO practices.

Any of the above common mistakes can ruin your affiliate program. Once banned by search engines, it is tough to get indexed again. You need to keep in mind that affiliate marketing takes time to generate revenues. Once it starts, there are no limits to the amount that you can earn. Ensure that you build a good affiliate network without making it look spammed. Catalyst Web Trendz offers credible and result-oriented affiliate marketing services that are sure to boost up your sales.


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