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Common Habits of Effective CEOs, Winners and Successful People. Emulate them if you too want to be at the top.

Updated on September 3, 2014
Sundeep Kataria profile image

Wellness Consultant | Astrologer, Palmist, Tarot Reader | Head Hunter, Human Resource Consultant, Corporate Trainer | Author, Blogger |

Common Qualities of Successful People
Common Qualities of Successful People

My observations and study of Habits of Highly Successful Persons

My profession allows me many privileges and one of them is opportunity to meet successful people and interact with them thoroughly. Present among these people is a size-able number of professionals who have either reached the top level in their line of profession / organization or are on their way and almost there.

The demand of my consulting profession is that I have to meet them on a regular basis. Being a keen observer of the Laws of Success, I found that they had some simple, yet common traits, attributes and habits which made them so successful in their career.

Tips to be successful in career and how to reach top


Emulate these Achievers and be Successful in Career and Life

I also found that if one were to adopt these habits, imbibe their approach, absorb the essence of their good qualities then she or he too can make rapid strides to reach the top level in his or her line of career.

The success in one department of life (such as career) can not be kept isolated from other aspects of life. Therefore, do look forward to enjoying the achievements in you education (if you are a student), harmony and peace (in your domestic life) and growth (of your earnings, savings and wealth) and a lot of self development (including health and spirituality).

How to be Number 1 in your Profession
How to be Number 1 in your Profession | Source

Successful Achievers who have inspired me

Proudly, I must confess that I have had the good fortune to meet a lot of successful people and they have always let me learn a thing or two about keys to success. But in this hub, I would specifically be sharing the styles of a few great personalities who have made an indelible mark on my psyche.

In alphabetical order, they are:

A.N. Singh (Mr.) MBA, Successful Entrepreneur, Businessman, Corporate Strategist

J.S. Madan (Mr.) Engineer, Successful Entrepreneur, in Exports Businessman

Sanjeev Zutshi (Dr.) MD, a very busy, sought after and much thanked Doctor

V.K. Seth (Mr.) Chemical Engineer, Managing Director of a Japanese Multinational

My sincere thanks to all of them from the bottom of my heart.

So what are these common habits to be successful?

These are very basic and so simple that you will be amazed !

1. Personal Grooming

Here are a few general guidelines for the most effective business appearance:

  • Dress Appropriately
  • Dress for the position you want, not the position you have
  • Dress conservatively
  • I have a very special observation that 100% of them have their shoes well polished and this observation is going on for the last 20 years in my career.

Secrets of success

2. Education and Continuous Learning

Although, a good professional qualification is not a guarantee for success in the profession yet almost 99% of the successful people studied by me had the advantage of a good formal education which equip them to not only compete with other professionals but contribute significantly in their chosen field of work.

It is equally important to continuously expand the knowledge; add to the skills sets; learn new techniques; know about latest innovations in the related field of work besides keeping well informed about the developments in the industry and the extended socio - political - economic circle.

This they would do by attending seminars, workshops, training programs and being committed to profuse reading.

So if you want a career growth always say Yes to learning.

Prompt Communication is the key to Success
Prompt Communication is the key to Success | Source

3. Professional and Social Etiquettes

It is common knowledge to be courteous, friendly, professional, enthusiastic and soft spoken. Yet, it is so uncommon to find many people who have tasted some success (only) to be practicing these regularly and with all colleagues, customers, clients, juniors.

I have always notice the role models to be:

  • A good and empathetic listener
  • Punctual
  • Respecting time and working hours of self and others
  • Making notes before, during and after the meetings
  • Remaining calm, composed and unbiased
  • Always accessible to customers and colleagues.

Here too, I have noticed that each one of them promptly answers his or her phone. Should there be any reason that the call cannot be taken then the call is returned within a few minutes. In case it is not possible to return the call soon then a text message is sent accordingly. Never have I seen my target study group to avoid taking a call!

To be successful in your career, do not avoid communication from others and do not delay responding.

4. Belief in Good Karma (Action)

My role models are always ready and willing to take more responsibilities without asking or negotiating first for additional benefits or compensation. They seldom sit contended. Rather than being told what to do next, they are always looking for areas or methods to improve and take the organization to higher level.

About the Author

Sundeep Kataria is the founder CEO of a Management Consulting Firm, which was established in 1991 in New Delhi. He professionally started the trend of CV writing in India. Till now he has helped hundreds of professionals in their career advancement with his expert services like CV Writing, Interview Coaching, Career Counseling and Executive Coaching.

His services are sought by professionals from all the fields and from fresher to top management level.

Sundeep Kataria is also a qualified Astrologer and he combines all his skills to provide Wellness Counselling.

The contents of this hub are straight from his years of professional experience.

5. Clean Table and Clutter Free Office

Let me share a secret hint for predicting someone’s success.

Even if the person is somewhere at the middle level but if you notice that he always has a neat table top with a very few papers and the other office accessories such as pen, land line phone, desk top computer - all well laid out, you can safely predict that he will rise much higher.

I have always found successful people having a very clean table, if a paper of file is sent to them, it is promptly studied, action is taken and put back in its place.

It shows promptness and ability to take decision.

Similarly the office space of a leader is only an extension of his / her personality. The good thoughts, harmony in work and personal life, positive thinking, good energy - all are naturally manifested in the office environment which also gets invigorating.

Look through Telescope
Look through Telescope | Source

6. Look through Telescope and not Microscope

Nobody is perfect in every aspect or all the time. The successful persons I studied often had their eyes on the goal with clear strategies to achieve them and the path to success. Never would they stop to study or analyze the faults or shortcomings of an individual.

Helping Others
Helping Others | Source

7. Recognizing and respecting others

It is normal to come across an expression of envy or jealousy – especially in the professional circle whenever one of them achieves something. On the contrary, I found that these successful people celebrate the accomplishment of the people they care for and they are always genuine.

How to Develop Healthy Eating Habits

8. The right diet at the right time

Another interesting observation with most of them is that they are particular about what they eat and when they eat. Disciplined food timings, intake of balanced and nutritious food (instead of gorging out at parties or official lunches / dinners) is their style of staying healthy.

I also wish to add the importance of exercising, which hardly needs any detailed discussion.

Connect with higher powers
Connect with higher powers | Source

Inspirational Quotes for Leadership & Motivation

9. They are connected to Higher Powers

Each successful CEO, I observed had a very personal way of tapping into the unlimited power of the universe. Some may term it a Meditation (Dhayana) or Prayer (Pooja) or repeating His Name (Japa) or just always Remembering Him. It may be difficult to prove in the ways of modern science but almost anyone can see an aura of divine radiance around them.

Whether the business leaders or celebrities are from East or West, almost everyone connects and draws extraordinary power and energy from the Universe.

The Easy Way to Success

The good news: these traits are not genetic. It’s not as if you have to be tall or left-handed to be an achiever in career. These qualities are developed through attitude, habit and discipline — factors that are within your control.

They will make you stand out in not only your career but other facets of life too.

These habits / attributes / qualities will make you a better employee, manager and leader. They will lift the trajectory of your career and speed your progress.

Wishing you all the best in your Career Growth. See you as a successful CEO.

Steve Jobs explains the rules for success

Common Habits of Successful CEOs

Which habit of Successful CEOs do you like the most?

See results

Please do share your Experiences / Comments / Suggestions on this subject. It might help others too !

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    • Sundeep Kataria profile imageAUTHOR

      Sundeep Kataria 

      5 years ago

      Thanks informationshelte for the visit and sharing your points. Yes a good work life balance is definitely important. The idea of this hub was to share certain small but important things which the "best sellers" or the articles on internet have not mentioned.

      Pl visit in 2 days as I plan to add a few more points. With best wishes

    • Sundeep Kataria profile imageAUTHOR

      Sundeep Kataria 

      5 years ago

      Thanks so much Denise for thoroughly reading this hub and putting your valuable inputs. I am so encouraged that I am going to add a few more points from my bag of observations about these successful persons.

      Pl do visit in 2 days. With love..

    • Sundeep Kataria profile imageAUTHOR

      Sundeep Kataria 

      5 years ago

      Thanks informationshelte for the visit and sharing your points. Yes a good work life balance is definitely important. The idea of this hub was to share certain small but important things which the "best sellers" or the articles on internet have not mentioned.

      Pl visit in 2 days as I plan to add a few more points. With best wishes

    • Sundeep Kataria profile imageAUTHOR

      Sundeep Kataria 

      5 years ago

      Thanks so much Denise for thoroughly reading this hub and putting your valuable inputs. I am so encouraged that I am going to add a few more points from my bag of observations about these successful persons.

      Pl do visit in 2 days. With love..

    • informationshelte profile image


      5 years ago

      Hi Sundeep Kataria,

      This article contains valuable points towards a deeper understanding of success.

      There are two specific points I would like to highlight and agree with you:

      -Successful people need to live a balanced life in all aspects. In other words, they should try to keep the right "work-life balance".

      -The role of a healthy diet is usually underestimated when it comes to defining essential factors of personal success.

      We are what we eat. Our thoughts, behavior and mentality are the direct result of the quality and quantity of our daily food intake. A healthy and balanced diet, containing all the important and necessary food ingredients, is the cornerstone of building a positive thinking approach. On the other hand, bad eating habits have the contrary effect.

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 

      5 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      Thank you for putting on paper those things that are often left unsaid. These "unwritten rules" for success are what makes great people who they are. Often, we think that it is a genetic predisposition, we do not realize how much work successful people really do. We tend to look at the money they make and feel jealous rather than trying to emulate the positive traits they have acquired through their industry.


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