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Company Analysis: UPS, (Courier), Hong Kong

Updated on August 12, 2017

UPS is a leading courier in logistics that offer wide range of solution comprising of transportation of packages and freight, international trade facilitation and use of efficient technology towards the management of business world (United Parcel Service of America, 2017). With it’s headquartered in Atlanta, UP serves close to 220 countries all over the world. Despite this, the company still maintained its position as one of the best technological companies globally

UPS has wide range of resources at is dispensation. For example, the company has the best manpower that any other company would require to be successful. Manpower plays a crucial role in making sure that a company excels (McLean, 2005). Most of the employees are loyal and faithful to the company due to how they are treated. In relation to financial capability, UPS has a lot of money in its accounts. The company has shown its financial might in many instances. For example, the company pays its employees well and allocates a lot of money for innovations. The technology that the company uses is of high quality, and that is evident in the products that Apple manufactures.

First, Hong Kong is indeed of a strategically valuable market for UPS due to its closeness to the mainland China plus its well set trade connectivity with other sections of the world (McLean, 2005). At the same time, with EU emerging as an important trading partner for any market from Asia, the establishment of these services indeed affirms commitment to business from Asia towards offering to them added and quick options on these forms of lanes of trade.

Secondly, over the past, UPS has remained one of the most innovative companies in the world. The company for example, has done much little making sure that it is still as innovative as it was. Despite the competitors flocking new products in the market, UPS has done nothing, and the customers have not seen a new product from the company lately (McLean, 2005). With the inclusion of four direct flights, UPS has eleven flights from Hong Kong every week. In this regard, it offers to the companies in the region easier accessibility and more choices in terms of conducting business in Europe. For sure, such flights cover more parts of Europe that is indeed is a more guarantee than any other logistic carrier.

Finally, the direct flights have significant reduction in the transient time between Hong Kong and Europe thus offering to the European businesses that importation from Asia is quick and also the most efficient option (McLean, 2005). For example, for the past few decades, Hong Kong to Europe has emerged as the fastest lane of trade that is developing. In this regard, the new flights from UPS add a significant value towards supporting this lane.

UPS has remained on top of the competition because it has invested enough in ensuring that its service delivery is competitive. The company has a team of bright young innovators who make sure that UPS has effective service delivery to its customers in relation to its courier services (McLean, 2005). One of the reasons why UPS concentrates so much on employing young youths is because it believes in tapping into their fresh, bright minds which promote innovations. There has been a trend in the information technology industry where UPS has always been one of the first companies to bring new courier services in the communication sector.

UPS stands out as one of the best companies in terms service delivery in relation to other courier service companies (United Parcel Service of America, 2017). The company has maintained its good image in the market. Usually, clients are sure that service quality is not be compromised.

Consumers have always been given the priority at UPS Courier. Their grievances are listened to, and UP use the advancement of technology to keep in touch with its customers (United Parcel Service of America, 2017). After releasing new services in the market, UPS follows it up in the social media by having conversations with the customers to hear about what they have to say concerning the product.

In an organization such as UPS, in this case, leadership can only be effective if the leader or the manger understand the culture of the organization where he or she operates (United Parcel Service of America, 2017). In this case, the leader needs a pattern of beliefs and expectations that particular organization shares with its members leading to the development of the organization's norms and shape which in turn contributes towards the shaping of the individuals and groups in the same organization. In short, it entails how things take place in a particular organization or in any way round the rules that constitutes the game altogether.

The services offered by UPS have been divided along the class line. Not everyone can afford every form of service offered by the company (United Parcel Service of America, 2017). Some are expensive as compared to their competitors' and the main drawback is that the organization’s commodities have similar features to those of the competitors. UPS has good service delivery. However, there are some restrictions that might compromise the competitiveness of the company.

Indeed, there should be a change in the mission, culture and the vision of UPS. The implementation of this objective may possible take place through alignment. In general terms, alignment is the bringing together of the business and IT. Alignment comes in business operations (United Parcel Service of America, 2017), due to the existence of different of business activities and the responsibilities that come with the use of the IT in the business. As such, after the alignment process, there is the reorganization of the business section of the IT to the IT personnel. However, the distinguishing feature of the strategic alignment from the traditional perception of the alignment is that the new, strategic alignment has shifted to the operational orientation towards a more strategic case (United Parcel Service of America, 2017). The strategic alignment occurs with the consideration of such elements like the external marketplace, and the future requirements concerning IT/IS resources and the IS organization. Most authors do not see the need for alignment in an organization. However, they agree that it is more modern when there is the separation of IT response


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