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Comparing and Contrasting Training and Development

Updated on December 10, 2014

Training entails instilling new skills, knowledge and competencies on employees (Patrick, 2009). On the other hand, development is focused at perfecting the already existing skills with an aim of making employees more effective and productive in their respective work (Harrison, 2011). The major difference in these aspects is that while training is centered on new employees, development is focused on existing workers. However, both of these are related in the sense that they are aimed at furthering the skills, knowledge and competencies of an employee.

An example of training is organizing seminars, and workshops with specific timeframe where employees are taught new skills or instructions on how to perform their jobs. A good example that can be used in showcasing employee development is when a manager decides to pair up a newly recruited worker with an experienced one with a core purpose of helping this new worker learn about the job.

However, it should be noted that both employee development and training are focused at making an employee better in performing his or her duties in the workplace. In addition, development also includes some aspects of training, though it has a broader perspective. The significance of these aspects is that the different activities in training and development aim to achieve different outcomes. For example, if the management’s goal is to enable an employee know how to use some computer software for work purposes, then they could opt for training the employee. On the other hand, if this management wants to make this employee understand the various departments in the company, then they employ job rotation to achieve this.


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