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Complications of working online

Updated on August 6, 2017

Picture Look Familiar?

How many times have you seen an image similar to this? Or, even someone posting about a work from home job that they are doing that is also hiring? Chances are is that you have seen something like this on more than one occasion. It draws your attention in because lets face it, everyone would love to be able to work minimum hours and get paid enough to cover more that the basic bills. So, how come none of these jobs pan out? How come you are not raking in the dough that people boast is so easy to make. Here are all the common mistakes that so many people make when they start delving in the online work community.

  • First off if it sounds to good to be true it most likely is! Everyone has herd of popular work at home jobs that you make a earning off selling stuff. These are jobs such as Marykay, Slimfit, Avon, and etc.. We have all herd of them and some of you may have actually tried them. However, these jobs rarely ever pay the bills. You have to keep up with enough clientele to actually turn a profit. Think of every person you know and consider if they would be willing to buy product from you on the regular. Chances are you have no way to meet these demands.
  • Next, we all hear of online Data Entry jobs. It is told that these jobs are ripe for the picking and employers are looking everywhere to hire anyone even if you have no experience. So, why after all the applications that you have submitted you never hear anything back from a potential employer. Odds are is that there is someone who IS experienced putting in for that same job that requires no experience. If you was an employer which one would you hire? Yes, you would go with the person with experience OR the person who has some form of degree in the medical or business field. Basically, you need some sort of edge to your resume. A blank one online will get you nowhere soon.
  • Now, how about freelance writers. How hard could it possibly be to edit an article, come up with a few topic ideas, or review another person blog. Well chances are the people who are hiring for these positions want some form of proof of your capabilities OR experience in the field of freelance writing. If you fall into the range of people who don't have a blog or experience writing multiple articles on a REGULAR bases chances are they are going to pass up your submission for the job.
  • Then, you always hear about job sites such as upwork, and freelancer. These sites have clients that post jobs all the time looking for freelance workers in all areas of work on a regular bases. How could a person NOT find some form of work to complete on these sites and make a living. Well, freelancer actually charges you on a monthly bases just to be able to view the jobs. If you are in need of work NOW this might be a slight problem or something you can't afford. Then, you have to consider that upwork actually takes a percentage of your earning (which is a reasonable amount) alas, some people are not fond of this idea. Also, if you are just starting out looking at the jobs and figuring out how to proceed, and which jobs you should apply for can be a daunting task for someone who is used to punching a time clock every day. Then, you have to compete for jobs with people who have way more experience than you.

I feel like I am starting to get into run on sentences. So, what should you gather from all of this. Basically, that if you are someone who has no experience with the working of online job hunting or freelance work don't think that you are going to find a well paying job within a couple weeks. Here I am five years after I started this en-devour and am now getting a major in psychology because well, the online route didn't work out for me. It isn't for the person looking for an easy ride. You will have to work hard for it if you want it.

Last but not least NEVER accept a job that requires you to pay money to start.

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© 2017 Natosha Bullock


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