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Computer Repair Jobs

Updated on June 1, 2010

What is it like to work in computer repair?

 As a computer repair tech, your job is to fix any and every problem that people have with their computers. This is a learning job; you never have a complete education because there are new problems all the time. You must be one who loves problem solving. This starts with a diagnostic, taking the computer apart or just turning on the computer and navigating your way around to find out what is wrong.

Most likely you will work in a computer repair shop where people bring their computers to you and tell you what they think is wrong, and then you go in to see what is really wrong. Sometimes you may go to the customer's house or business to diagnose and fix their computers.

The pros and cons of computer repair jobs are simple. You will make a lot of money in the computer repair business, but people will hate you. Many techs make in the six figures, but who likes the IT guy in the company, or the guy who is always bringing the bad news about their computers. But, on the other hand, he is also the savior who fixes their unsolveable problems (this is why you make great money). So if you can withstand a little bit of misdirected hatred and you like computers, this is the right career for you. Explore opportunities online to get some experience in the computer repair industry.

Jobs for the Future

 Computer jobs encompass quite a segment of jobs in the modern global economy. If you are interested in computers but not sure if you want to be "the IT guy" (or girl), there is a world of opportunitiy for those who are adept at computers. Every industry counts on people who know how to use all that expensive technology they spent millions of dollars for.

Whether you are talking about law enforcement or accounting, every organization needs people with strong computer skills to keep their operations running smoothly. Another reason is for troubleshooting. Another reason is to have somebody to improve your operations. As you can see, computer repair jobs are too numerous to mention because they are really embedded into every organization in the modern world. 

What Kind of Certification Do I Need?

 You don't really need any kind of computer tech certification to get an entry-level job. So much ofthe job is hands-on and you will just need a lot of experience solving people's computer issues. A little study does go a long way in the computer world. Get to know the computer basics and maybe take a class or two, but don't worry about certification.

Most of the computer repair jobs are in small businesses that can't afford to pay you $100,000 per year at this point in their development. This is a great way to get some experience, and then you can sell your skills to a larger organization to make that bigger paycheck or even go into business for yourself. But small businesses are a great place to start.

The other kind of computer repair jobs

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