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Humans technological dominance ... or vice versa?!

Updated on March 29, 2016

Undeniable utility of the technology and speed its rapid development has brought to daily life we ​​add new experiences, the fun and exciting new as people increasingly closer to together. Thanks to the creativity, the intelligence of our people, technology development and promote quality of life, higher than previous years, but besides that, can not analyze its downsides technology has affected people like.

Social networking ... DEAD TRUTH!

Social networking is where we share personal interests, where bringing people closer together, where self-promotion is the best thing about her but ignore their own feelings, there is a that lie in the way of social life of the community "virtual". Social, human faces are shaped by their selfie photos posted to the account.

Instead of living in the present, experiencing things around and the real-life relationships, young people are addicted to smartphones to focus on the "virtual world", where they are constantly looking for more interesting things. We can be happy with what we share, but then if you still happy if no one looked around the side. Then the beautiful moments, encounters unexpected, romantic appointments .. will never come if people just stared at the screen displayed on the smartphone.

Virtual social networks are bringing much trouble and danger to life is. From the fanpage published untrue stories, netizens "rummaging" private lives of others to excess, these commentators criticize, question games like "lack of awareness" to the monster joke virtual network evil brought ... death truth!

Besides controlling the quality and content of information on social networking sites is always one thing that managers must constantly find solutions headaches. The phishing information online, take away user information with a link to get a virus on social networks are not even rare. Injured victims did not know he had been cheated until the consequences become clearer. Also, security issues may also become very worrisome if unfortunately you accidentally visit a certain path because the safety seemed his friends sent. Your account will be lost and someone impersonating you perform other illegal actions.

Note than the social networking site Facebook has been studied and that really is causing increasing divorce rate. Meanwhile, research shows that divorce can lead to depression, and may cause suffering suicidal owner.

The proliferation of social networks brings more undeniable utility, helps people access information faster, erase geographical distance. But besides that exist implications, the negative impacts clearly shows the influence of social networks on the lives of so many people.


See the mobile as a double-edged sword was a need to thoroughly understand not only with children, teenagers, but even those who are tinkering familiar with smart phones. Say that because now the handset is not merely a communication tool such as the name of the original mobile phone / cell phone to its original.

Now smart phones is a pager, telephone contacts as you need, when you need the player an ear melodies, games where you need entertainment, watch when you need to know time, a newspaper when you need to read the news, a camera when you need to record important moments ... generally are a lot of things in one. Generally it can meet all the needs of the entertainment your study, it is referred to as an all-powerful machine, and also because the Almighty so it makes you become dependent on it throughout the day, throughout week.

A recent study revealed an average of 4 minutes every smartphone users to look at the phone once.

Average per day 253 times glanced at the phone users. This interval is equivalent to 2 hours 9 minutes continuous focus on devices; 24% of this amount was surfing Facebook and Twitter, according to the Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp accounted for about 12%. The social network users tend to not want to miss anything going on with friends, celebrities, even the casual acquaintances.

In addition, only 13% of smartphone users is the time to speak; 9% of the time on the web browser. The proportion remaining phone users to play games, shop online, watch videos, and email.

Let handset created time, effectively creating work for you instead of letting it kill your time and make your job stagnation.

TECHNOLOGY man dominates ... OR BACK?

The robot with artificial intelligence, the most innovative, modern software tools to complete the smart technology seems are gaining the world when they are omnipresent and farther future, we have the ability to completely replace humans. The purpose of the technology being created is to help improve life, but the downside of technology is taking away what we are.

Imagining such as the unemployment rate in the world not only did not decrease but increase and stronger than ever in the presence of technology. Technology giant containing information necessary for us to study and learn, but rely on it, the knowledge that we will be improved ?! Not to mention, the technology can be the cause to bring us diseases, accidents and worse than death.

Insomnia, poor concentration, ignore ignore, easy to get lost ... is the negative impact that technologies such as the Internet, smartphones gives people. Technological advances come with some unpredictable consequences. According to neuroscientist Michael Merzenich, a human brain are being changed because of technology, can even cause death.


Scientist Albert Einstein said that he feared the day that technology will surpass human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.

Krisnamusti also said to this issue through the front of his philosophy. Story reaches lofty heights by bringing technical applications in the life sciences is the pride, self-sufficiency of man. But we did not expect was that the level of control and management of high-tech products by ourselves creating increasingly tend to escape our minds, so that the habit of complacency, making us increasingly dependent on them slavishly. Ngoi- material to spiritual beggar: the outstanding technical inventions from the fully intelligent innovation has brought pragmatic lifestyle, lifestyle wear, "live to eat" for their main employers a long time ago, this is not a precondition for a future of "doomsday" future stars?! ...

In the story or fantasy film people have imagined war between man and machines, but strange things, especially things that machines are controlled by a computer system connected to a part perfect soft as ever artificial intelligence research to serve the people. Thomas Linkel scientists, from the University of New York has confirmed, with the advancement of science and technology, would not be surprising if the next era is the world of technology.

But think about it, if one day we can not control is the "brain machine" anymore, the human world when that will happen? "Thomas Linkel share. Obviously, not hard to imagine a doomsday scenarios by those "baby" technology created by man.

The future of the human world are indeed extremely dark. We will be faced with the dominance of the most dangerous weapons on earth, while we ourselves are precursors that create hazards.


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