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Conference Calling Services: The Best Conference Call Service For Your Business.

Updated on September 22, 2012

Conference Calling Services For Your Business!

It is becoming increasingly common for businesses and other companies to use Conference calling and Teleconference calling, to gain communication with sectors of a business which are more remote than others. These "conference meetings" save the costs of travelling on an immense scale, when in comparison to the costs of flight travel or other means of transport.

These meetings are usually held to share different occurrences within the business and areas of work, and to provide news on updates, training classes, sales presentations, project meetings and for communication to employees who are active in different locations. Due to Teleconferencing's ease of use, there has been a vast increase of usage, especially in businesses which are active around the world.

For this reason, it's becoming more and more important that you are using a 'Conference Calling Service', which is more reliable and cost effective than all the others, so you can get the best results for your business.

But the primary question is, with the amount of different conference calling services out there, which one is the absolute best for your business?

Business Conference For Tendenci Users.

All credit for this image goes to 2007 Tendenci Users Conference via.
All credit for this image goes to 2007 Tendenci Users Conference via. | Source

What Would You Like For a Conference Calling Service?

When it comes to choosing a conference calling service, you have to ask yourself what you'd expect and prefer to have for your company.

The primary factors which will usually determine which service you may use are:

  • The reliability of the service.
  • The costs the service will charge for it's usage.
  • The different kinds of packages that the service can offer you.
  • The methods of conferencing available to you. (Web, phone or other...)
  • The ease of use to setup and begin.

With all these factors in mind, choosing the correct/best service for your business can be quite challenging, however from research and reviews from multiple different sources, I can give my own recommendations for which I would advise to any professional business organisation. One in particular which sparked a huge amount of interest for me, was a company called "Conference Calls Unlimited."

Conference Calls Unlimited's Services.

From observing their different packages and details, I have found that they provide one of the best services out there for across-the-globe and local Teleconferencing, Web conferencing (Webinars) and Web-casting (audio and video.)

For more information about Conference Calls Unlimited's services, you can check out their website via. Conference Calls Unlimited or you can contact them on 888-901-3471. I have also embedded a video based on their services below, which gives a good overview of Conference Calls Unlimited's company in general.

They also have a good selection of options for you to choose based on your business and your preference, and two phone packages based on your typical usage.

  • Toll Free - Flat rate.
  • Toll Free - Per minute, per line.

The flat rate option is only specifically recommended for businesses who use conference calling frequently, hence why they have subtitled this package for "heavy users". In this package you will get more than 4000 minutes a month of conference calling usage, and is billed on a month to month basis for when you're using it.

The other package is labelled for the 'light use' businesses, and you will not be charged for actually having the service, but only when you are using it. In some ways it does sound familiar to phone companies which use a "pay as you go" system, but this specifically has no set-up fees, time contracts, minimums or monthly fees! But yet, for businesses that would like to use this service quite frequently, the "flat rate" package is the way to go.

Conference Calls Unlimited - Best Conference Call Service Available!

Is Conference Calls Unlimited Right For Your Business?

From what I've seen, heard and researched, Conference Calls Unlimited would be a great conference calling service to go for.

A point which I must mention, is that they will walk you through setting up the call, and making sure you get the best quality possible.Although, if you are still unsure at this point at how to set-up a conference call, I recommend that you visit this site Teleconference Call Facilitation Tips and learn some more about Conference Calling, as well as discover some tips which will really help you out!

Conference Calling Poll.

Would you use conference calling for your business?

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