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Confessions of a Media Graduate

Updated on August 8, 2016

We’re the black sheep's of our professional families. We spend a lifetime defending our passion and craft. Ignoring and laughing through the comments of family members who think all you do is watch TV all day.. Then we graduate. We understand that you can’t just waltz into a media job (even if some lucky buggers can) it takes work and dedication. But now after years of defending your degree, your MA and why you "didn't just go into teaching", you now have to defend your low paid admin job. The fun never stops.

Over the past few months I’ve been signing up at recruitment agencies trying to get myself a better job while I write and send off stories/scripts and articles. It's not fun. Anyone who has ever job-hunted will tell you that! But cats need to be fed and bills need to be paid, so you bite the bullet and smile through the seemingly endless task of filling out your address and employment history for the 100th time.

But I can cope with that. These agencies are here to help you after all and they do get results. However the first thing I’m met with when meeting with an agency isn't a question of my previous work experience, its the amazingly insightful statement “Oh, you studied Film. Why don’t you do something with that.”.


I used to smile, give a little laugh and shrug “Oh you know, just a very hard business to break in to” but now I sit silently, trying so very very hard not to laugh hysterically until everyone in the room thinks I’ve gone completely stark-raving mad.

If I could be working in an area that I've dreamt of, trained for and studied in for the past 11 years do you not think I'd be doing so? That is the question I'd love to respond with.

The constant lugging of equipment back and forth from 'sets' wasn't for fun. The hours of editing the same piece of footage over and over again wasn't because I love repetition. I didn't write a feature length film whilst suffering from tonsillitis because I love punishment.

I stand by my decisions to study what I love but I'm also not so idealistic to think that success or a career just falls into your lap because you have 'Merit' written on a very nice piece of paper.

People mean well (I keep telling myself) so I don't scream this at them when I get the same questions over and over again at family gatherings or job interviews.

No. I work for my money. Then I come home, put on a film that reminds me why I'm okay being in so much debt and I write things like this.



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