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Say to Your Boss: "You are fired"

Updated on December 29, 2016

The World is Changing

Nowadays, how many Americans are tired of their jobs and ready to move on? The answer to that is quite alarming. Despite of the poor economy, about 1/3 of the employees are thinking of leaving their employer. The rate goes up even higher among the younger generation. 44% of the employees below age 24 are planning on giving the boss two weeks’ notice. And 40% of those between ages 25 to 40 are also seriously considering “abandoning the ship”. As for the senior employees, although many are NOT satisfied with their job, most of them have house loan to pay off and kids to support. Changing career at this day and age is risky and requires lots of courage and desperation.

Low salary is one of the key reasons why so many Americans (I am sure the same problem exists in countries all around the world) are unhappy with their position. The workload increases dramatically, yet the paycheck gets smaller, and the benefits shrink to nearly nothing. No more paid overtime or profit sharing (it doesn’t mean the company generates no profit, only not “enough” profit to share with the “common people” non-management employees so do speak.) However, the living expenses keep going up. Just look at the gasoline, grocery and clothing prices. Many Americans are living in “Hot Water” these days, can’t even afford food let alone anything else.

Overworked and underpaid, the average workers deserve much more than what they receive and they are fully aware that the “Boss” is taking advantage of them. The economic crises provide greedy employers with an excellent excuse – jobs are hard to find, if you want to feed the family better work extra hard as you have told and stop complaining. Otherwise, you will be thrown out of the door. The excessive downsizing over the years not only creates vicious hollow within an organization, but also pushes the exhausted employees over the edge. They have had enough. It’s time for a change.

To greedy employers, everything can be translated into figures and charts. They do not see people. Anyone is expendable and replaceable. When a company experiences hardships, the frontline employees are always the first ones to suffer. The value of a person is demolished before reaching his/her potential. And who are the real losers in the end, surprisingly not the employees. They have experiences, talent and know how. Better opportunities will come along sooner or later. On the other hand, an employer loses the foundation, the backbone of a company, and the damage can’t be measured by numbers or charts.

I once heard a true story. It had happened nearly eighty years ago. During the Great Depression, a factory was burnt down to the ground. Hundreds workers lost their livelihood overnight. Thanksgiving was right around the corner. Many families would go on starving. One can only imagine the helplessness and hopelessness they felt at the time. Back then, there were no unemployment benefits or government assisted programs.

The factory owner did not abandon the employees. He provided all the workers with 3 months of full pay, using his own money of course, and he vowed to rebuild the factory so that every worker would have a job to return to. Despite of the bitter chill and harsh environment, the workers and their family members poured to the site, volunteered their time and labor, using their hands and anything they could find to tear down the broken walls and raise new ones. A few days before Christmas, a brand new factory stood on the ground that was once indulged in a ruthless flame. A project that normally takes about several months to complete was finished in less than fifty days. It was unthinkable back then, and probably unbelievable even in today’s world.

Nothing happens by chance. Human beings are emotional creatures. We react the way how we feel, repay kindness with love, and generosity with loyalty. Only many employers, nowadays, have left their conscience behind in pursuit of power and wealth. They take without the desire of giving back. In the time of crises, all they think of is themselves. As result, many employees decide to abandon the company first and seek a better life. The world is changing, and people are awakening. The best way to make a business healthier is not by cutting jobs but by winning more hearts.

You are fired


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