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Consider The Possibilities With Modular Office Furniture

Updated on November 27, 2010

There are many advantages to purchasing modular office furniture. You will find products to suit a wide variety of spaces and work stations. Products are available in many price ranges and styles, to fit every type of business or work place. Many different types of units allow a business to customize each workspace to the particular tasks or jobs that are done. The great thing about this type of furniture is that when your needs change, they can change without needing to go out and buy more furniture. Additionally, many of these sort of furnishings are easy to assemble and often setup and breakdown in minutes! No more needing an engineer in to put the damn Ikea desk together!

"new office furniture: stage three" by cygnoir
"new office furniture: stage three" by cygnoir | Source

What Styles are Available?

Styles for modular furniture can range from classic to ultra modern. Many desks and shelving units come in deep wood finishes, such as cherry or mahogany, for a very rich and professional look. Credenzas and Desks come with all the same features as more expensive pieces. Drawers for storing files and for locking important documents are some of the features. For a more contemporary business, desks and work surfaced come in some trendy bean or oval shapes, with rounded edges. Products come in light wood finishes with brushed nickel frames, or in finishes like pewter and granite, which combine richness of a natural stone look with modern style.

What are the Advantages of using such Products?

Using products like this can allow for plenty of flexibility in how the workspaces are designed and configured. With the addition of modular walls, every employee can have his or her own workspace. Using individual pieces creates a more professional look for a business, which makes a more positive impression on clients or customers. Workers will appreciate having their own place and will be more productive. Using such systems allow the business to select only the units needed for specific functions, where for making calls, storing files, or holding plenty of reference materials. Costs for items are much lower than more traditional pieces designed to be stationary. There are any number of combinations that can be mixed and matched for the jobs or tasks of each workstation.

Where can our Business Find Such Items?

While every metropolitan area usually has at least two or three stores that carry such products, it may be easier to select the needed items online. Many stores that sell such items on the internet have extensive catalogs to browse through. Some may even offer discounts or free shipping, if the order exceeds a minimum amount. Having products available on the internet also allows for better comparison of the different brands and manufacturers. Most products come with adequate descriptions and clearly marked prices, for easier selection. In addition, many companies are happy to answer questions you may have via email.

How Much Can Our Business Expect to Pay for Items?

While prices vary, depending on style, size and finish, a simple desk and credenza can be purchased for under $400. A desk by itself can cost as little as $100 or less. Single file cabinet about 24 inches high can be found for under $50. There are many different price ranges, so a business can choose items that fit within its budget. Selecting modular office furniture this way is much cheaper than purchasing entire suites or groups. For additional outdoor storage, such as for lawn care or landscaping materials, the business might also consider plastic sheds that can be set up in the back of the building and will provide plenty of protection for tools.

See How Easy It is to Set up in Minutes!


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