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Consider everything that would help you be a successful sales executive

Updated on April 21, 2015

Aiming to be a sales professional?


Thinking of a career in Sales?

What if a brand produces quality products, but is unable to sell them off? The business will simply be banished out of the industry with no revenue coming in. The sales figures have to be considered as the significant measures for every brand to ensure its existence in the market. All other functions and departments remain important, but the sales is the heart of every business. No matter, how hard you have been trying to maintain quality in your product, if you are unable to trigger your sales, nothing else would matter. Thus, every sales executive and manager holds is valuable to a business.

A sales executive isn't just an individual influencing the customers for a buying action. He instead is a strategic player, who seeks to match the product's qualities with the buyer's need and accordingly create a clientele. Those operating as sales executives need to be able to instil a sense of faith within the buyers. For this, the skills are desired more than degree. However, specific criteria is followed by every organization to hire sales persons to boost the business. For those aiming to get started as a sales executive may consider the below stated eligibility criteria and move ahead.

Do you know well about the job description of a sales executive?
Do you know well about the job description of a sales executive? | Source

Check whether you qualify

In most cases, a sales executive is required to hold a bachelor's degree, preferably in business administration. Besides, many employers do not emphasize on the specialization. Those from other fields, including technology, media, and medicine can also explore the sales opportunities. However, many sectors such as insurance and banking take in those, who have just completed the schooling. Such professionals can get started as sales agents, but the path ahead isn't too smooth. A graduation degree to support the skill can help you well to move ahead as a successful sales person. Besides, the skills possessed by these professionals are considered crucial to the company. They are tested on varied standards while being recruited. Their sales skills, product & industry knowledge, besides the ability to communicate is considered significant.

A sales executive's job role

What do they do?

A sales executive is responsible for:

  • Attending the customer's queries and taking them ahead for a sale
  • Developing relationships with customers and coordinates
  • Arranging meetings with the clients and further following up for further proceedings
  • Serving as a link between the company and the customers
  • Negotiation on the terms of the agreement
  • Keeping a check on the market trends and customers' requirements
  • Attending trade exhibitions and other events on the organization's behalf
  • Keeping in touch with clients till the delivery takes place
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Checking the status of existing orders
  • Ensuring that the set sales targets are made

Who should aim for a career in sales?

  • Those hold the ability to sell
  • Who can communicate efficiently with people of different interests and ages
  • Who are self-motivated and patient
  • Who can drive a team to success
  • Those who are determined to achieve the targets
  • The ones who are resilient

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The road ahead as a sales executive

To move ahead as a sales executive, you would need to align your thoughts with your target audience. It takes a lot to proceed as a successful sales person. Not just a detailed knowledge of the industry is desired, but the right approach to represent a product or a business is needed. The initial phase in a sales executive's life seems tough. The entire world looks unapproachable, all the efforts seem insufficient, the training programmes are the only things that seem to benefit. But those initial days prepare you well for the path ahead as a sales executive. Most of the organizations conduct training sessions for the freshers. They are further given the opportunities to represent the products to the customers. Almost all the sales jobs come with the set targets. Those employed as sales executives are expected to meet the set targets of the weeks or the months. Initially, these targets may come with a leverage, but as the tenure increases, the targets to be achieved are also revised.

The best way to put your first foot forward is to know what the client is actually looking for and are you pitching your product in the right market. For those, you need to develop an understanding of the business and the market. Create a persona, which represents your customer and accordingly move ahead to meet the demands felt by the target audience.

Get ahead as a sales executive

Know all about the job before you get started.
Know all about the job before you get started. | Source

Major companies that sales professionals can aim to work for

Real Estate
Hindustan Unilever
JM Financial
DLF Limited
Procter & Gamble
L&T Finance
Lodha Group
ITC Ltd.
Bajaj Finserv
Unitech Group

Skills that count

If you wish to move ahead as a sales executive, a lot would be required to live up to the expectations associated to the job title. As a sales person, you would be required to possess the skills that will you liaison with your target market. A few of them are detailed below:


A sales professional is desired to present a product or the company to the associates and the customers. For this, communication remains the key skills. A sales executive has to be proficient with both written and verbal communication.

Analytical Skills

To get a right conclusion out of a situation is one of the major things these professionals are desired to do. While with an associate or a customer, they need to figure out what the person may be looking for, or how can he/she influenced to buy the product.


How to present the brand or its products/services has to be considered significant for a sales executive? He may even need to present the product portfolio, or company's portfolio before the clients. This needs to be done strategically so as to earn the client's faith.

Time management

Client meeting, liaising with associates, follow ups, and a lot more is there on a sales executive's check list. Thus, time management remains a major factor. The sales professionals need to ensure that they timely follow up with the potential customers to close the deal.

Customer service

Relationship management and customer services are the main pillars of a progressive career in sales. Thus, ensure to meet the customer's needs in time and keep intimidating him/her about the status of the order. Try to maintain a relationship that proves benefiting for the business.

Some benefits that a sales job brings to you

The targets associated to the sales jobs are generally seen as the extended weight on their shoulders. Many do not prefer to consider these jobs for some reasons, but there exist many benefits too. So, why not consider those.

  • High percentage of incentives as compared to other jobs
  • A vast social network
  • Desired across sectors
  • Experience counts
  • Can later fit in business development roles

How well do they make?

The sales professionals, if blessed with the right skills can make well in almost all the industries. Initially, the pay scale offered to them may not seem luring, but with the experience, their salaries grow considerably. Generally, the incentives associated to these jobs make them earn well. They are desired across various industries such as real estate, IT (Information Technology), insurance, banking, finance, FMCG, management, consulting, and many others. As per a global pay scale research firm, a field sales executive makes Rs 211,407 per year on an average in India, whereas a senior sales executive can make Rs 298,570 annually. These salaries may even depend on the industry, one is employed in. Besides, in the pharmaceutical industry, a sales representative is offered an average annual remuneration of Rs 242,449. Besides, the skills that pay well for these jobs include sales management, channel sales, business development, corporate liaising.


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