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Construction Migration

Updated on February 28, 2017

Travelling far and wide

Since time began patrons of the Construction Industry have found themselves travelling far and wide to feed and clothe their families. The Irish, especially, have been known for this, having a hand in building London and New York. And now we are at it again. On a daily basis hundreds, if not thousands of people are leaving home to work abroad. At the moment it’s the Middle East and Canada which seem to be the destinations of choice.


This is not just limited to the Irish people though. Working in the Middle East I have met English, Scottish, Welsh, American, Canadian, South African, Australian, Indian, Pakistani, and many more Nationalities. Every one of them, expect a small few, are abroad because of work and a large percentage are working in Construction. It’s unlucky for those who do have to leave their homes, but, isn’t it lucky that there is somewhere to work. And realistically the Money on offer in the Middle East is much more than at home anyway, so it has some advantages. However, there are a lot of expenses which are greater than home, such as accommodation and education.

The Middle East

At the moment, for anyone who is contemplating moving abroad to work, I would highly recommend the Middle East. But that said the Middle East, in my opinion, is somewhere to go for five to ten years, with the intention of then going back home. This is in contrast with Australia, Canada and America, which, in my opinion would be more permanent moves. The thing about the Middle East is that you do not pay tax so you get what you earn. The trick is to save as much of this as possible, as quickly as possible.

Construction in the Middle East

The Construction Industry in Middle East is booming, in Certain areas, right now. Qatar, with the World cup, is thriving. Dubai will host Expo 2020 which is creating a lot of new development. Saudi Arabia also remains busy despite the recent down turn. It really depends what your own situation is when you are looking abroad. Personal situations will play a big factor in any decisions you will make.

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I have visited, and looked at various areas in the Middle east and have preferred the UAE to any other. What makes the difference for me is that I have a family. Fifteen years ago I would probably have went to Saudi Arabia. The Salaries and Packages are a bit better there, but it may not be suitable for some families. Dubai is more family orientated with more choice for schools, entertainment and dining.


Moving away from the Middle East, another construction haven seems to be Canada, at the moment. What a beautiful country and to be honest it’s more like home, considering the climate etc.. There seems to be a lot of opportunities in Canada, and the salaries are also quite good. Canada though, to me, is somewhere to stay, and I know people who have moved there and have no intentions of uprooting again.


The whole expat experience is one which can be good or bad, The main thing is to make sure the offer you are getting is a good one. You need to research the Company and the area thoroughly. I know its exciting to get any job offer, but do your homework before you sign anything. If you have a family and want to bring them with you, you need to research schools and accommodation. You will need to know that your family are safe and looked after.

The Construction Industry is always going to be volatile. This, however, can lead us to the most wonderful of places, Embrace the change and research, research, research.


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