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Consumer Buying Behavior; Marketing Strategy Overview

Updated on July 23, 2013
Consumer buying behavior is important for a company to market the right way
Consumer buying behavior is important for a company to market the right way

It is incredibly important for businesses to understand consumer behavior in order to obtain and keep customers. A good marketing strategy involves researching the way customers purchasing things and using that to target the best audience. In this paper, I will discuss the poor marketing choices of a lawyer in Florida and the great marketing done by De Beers.

A divorce lawyer and a client
A divorce lawyer and a client

The DivorceDeli is a small divorce law firm based out of Florida. Yes, that name is written correctly and it only gets worse from there. Not only does the website look extremely tacky resembling an ad for a late night product promotion, but they had a commercial that made them out to be a complete joke. This group did not do the research that they needed to enhance their marketing. They are quite obviously trying to speak to couples or individuals that are seeking a lawyer to help them through the divorce process. These people are going through a lot of emotional turmoil and need a lawyer that will be professional and supportive of them. This guy comes across as being uneducated and completely unprofessional.

Have you heard the term, “A diamond is forever”? Then you are one of the majorities of people that has been influenced by the De Beers campaign throughout the 1900’s. Their slogan and marketing was so memorable that the term has stuck around far beyond the advertisements for this particular jewelry brand. The slogan is often quoted as “the most recognized and effective slogan of the twentieth century (Kaplan)”. Everyone buys jewelry, but there is a specific group that buys diamonds. De Beers did a great job focusing on married or engaged couples. The slogan reflected that the relationship would also last forever and catered beautifully to these consumers.

In order to gain and keep customers, a business must understand the consumers to which they are marketing to. The customers are what keep a business profitable. Understanding the way customers purchase things aids in a good marketing strategy. The DivorceDeli does a horrible job of this, while De Beers has done an outstanding job.


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