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Content and SEO

Updated on June 15, 2014

it takes good content and lots of traffic, the better your content the more people will want to view your content the more traffic is generated. The views will be generated through the content and you might want to make sure that the content is SEO'ed a good way to do this is by linking to similar content those links become back links which are link back doors to your content. This helps in the SEO process.

Also adding your site to Google analytic help alot in the seo process, just sign up to it and follow the steps in adding the code to your site. This help increase page ranking so that when someone searches for content from your site or your site directly your content will have a higher ranking then other content in it's category. I have built a website and done this as one of the first steps now my site and it's content has the first three pages of Google. I think the best way to seo your site is to just choose good keywords or tags to ad or describe your content. Doing this will dramatically increase you page ranking because most search engines use keywords as the number one way of crawling websites so choosing good keywords work great in the SEO process.

I am almost certain that if you follow the steps in this article post that you will reach your goal and achieve your dreams of generating the amount of traffic and more that you want. The more traffic the better there is never as such thing as too much traffic always remember that. So good luck and keep reading.

Keep Reading that is the point of great content. Just think when you are on the internet and browsing the web do you click on links from site that have information or content that you enjoy, I know you do everyone does because we want to stay entertained and we want to continue to view content that we like. If you visit a site that doesn't have any information that you like or any content that is interesting to you would you visit it again. I think not, with that being said do you see how great quality content can make for a lot of traffic it is just a matter of using the seo to get your content found. That is where linking comes into play link to as many sites as you can but make sure they are related you your site and or content so that you are not block or reported as spam.

With that being said go out there and apply this information to your website or blog and create great quality content. I will be writing a few article about how to create great quality content and creating information products that you might want to read. I also have a few e books I will be giving away upon request to anyone who would like them. One of them will be for sale for about five to seven dollars and the other three are free but they only contain the basics of creating content. Thanks for reading.


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