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Expert Contracting Advice from Pink Payroll Client PaintGreen

Updated on September 23, 2014
PaintGreen is an "eco-friendly" paint service.
PaintGreen is an "eco-friendly" paint service. | Source

We do payroll in many industries. As a result, we’ve gained useful experience in certain ‘niche’ fields. One of these is the contracting industry. The contracting industry has unique payroll needs that require special attention. On top of this, contracting businesses must meet multiple legal requirements.

Our client Jon Ray owns PaintGreen, a San Diego-based painting business. Jon was kind enough to share with us some of his experiences in the painting industry, and how we have helped him with his contracting business.

Since 2007, PaintGreen has been satisfying customers with its enviromentally-friendly painting services. Jon’s business offers a range of services at a reasonable price, including both interior and exterior painting. He has found success through keeping a solid word with his customers in an industry where employers are “not known for doing everything they say they will”. PaintGreen makes an honest effort to be fair to its suppliers, its customers and its employees.

But like in any business, things don’t always go as planned. Jon knows this, and told us “If it looks like I might miss a goal, communication becomes vital so any potential negative consequences can be lightened”. In the contracting industry, customer service goes a long way. Business owners like Jon constantly have a million things to keep track of, from customer jobs to employee problems to tax deadlines - it’s easy to see why missteps can be costly. That’s why PaintGreen turned to us for its payroll needs; We know the industry and want to provide business owners with peace of mind.

PaintGreen painting the top of an admin building at UCSD
PaintGreen painting the top of an admin building at UCSD | Source

Pink Payroll has worked with Jon for a number of years. Businesses like his are the reason we know so much about the contracting industry - all of its demands, troubles, and regulations. In our interview, Jon told us “Having a good relationship with the awesome people at Pink Payroll has saved me a few times with last-minute changes or needs. Screw-ups on my end have been fixed by Pink Payroll to ensure my employees still get their paychecks on time”.

PaintGreen is one of many great contracting businesses we serve. Our contractor clients realize that doing payroll internally is stressful and time consuming. Pink Payroll can assure compliance with all tax deadlines and filing requirements - so you don’t have to. And we’re a small business, so we know clients on a first name basis, something you don’t get with the bigger companies. We give each of our clients the payroll attention they deserve.

Thank you Jon and everyone at PaintGreen. It’s businesses like yours that allow us to build lasting professional relationships and continue to serve local business’ needs!


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