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Procedure for Control on Rejected product

Updated on January 20, 2011


To ensure that the finshed product Quality, we must ensure the raw material quality, some time product / component that does not conform to specified requirements are laying in workplace, in this case chances to unintended use goes higher, so measures are taken to ensure that the product / component that does not conform to specified requirements is prevented from unintended use.

Identification of nonconforming products (rejected Item)

The nonconforming products, processes and equipments are identified, marked and prevented from further processing and use in following Stage

  1. Receiving stage
  2. In-process stage
  3. Final /Customer stage

I) Receiving stage

The raw material, components or outsourced material  sent by  supplier is checked at receiving stage .  

  1.   parts are checked    for required  specification 
  2.  indicated  on part as per PO/Verbal Instructions,
  3.  availability of test certificates ,damages .  

In case of non-conformance, following step take

  • the concerned supplier is notified,
  •  the non-conforming material is kept in   “NON CONFORMING” area till it is disposed of Supplier either reworks the non-conforming material or new lot is sent.

In case the non-conforming material is not affecting the functional aspect of equipment, Quality Head takes decision to use it as it is.

  • Reworked material is re-inspected.

II) In-process stage

If Non conforming material is identified in the in-process stage by the concerned operator. The material is kept aside in a designated area or bin. In case of any doubt to the operator, the same is informed to Quality Head

In case the non-conforming material is not affecting the functional aspect of component, Quality Head  takes decision to use as it is.

In case approval from customer is required, Quality Head interacts with customer and uses after his approval. Deviation record is maintained in Produst file

Record of   rejection/rework is maintained by Quality Dept.  

 The same is analyzed monthly for corrective /preventive action

III) Final /Customer stage

In case the non conformity is detected after delivery to customer, based on the nature of non conformity, the rework is carried out at factory or at customer premises and dispatched to customer .In case no rework is possible, jobs are scrapped and corrected  jobs are delivered to customer. Necessary commercial settlements are made with  customer /supplier.

Disposition or Scrap

If there is no other possibility of alternate utilization or reworking, the product/component is scrapped or sent back to supplier. All non-conforming products/components are avoided from intended use and kept in the area designated for rejection.  Such products/components are scrapped or removed from the functional area at regular intervals.


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