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Converting Traffic into Customers for Your Site or Blog

Updated on May 4, 2015
converting traffic to customers is important.
converting traffic to customers is important. | Source
knowing what your customers think of your site helps to make your site better.
knowing what your customers think of your site helps to make your site better. | Source
dont become so obsessed with traffic that you lose track of converting traffic to customers.
dont become so obsessed with traffic that you lose track of converting traffic to customers. | Source

Conversions are the key to success for nearly every business online today

With every word written, every idea and thought analyzed the idea is in place to get more people coming in. The amount of readers gained is always parallel to money being made. Focused traffic is the ideal, but there are times when any type makes the cut. Although having the numbers admit through analytic the readers are coming in, it takes a little more than this to see a real increase in income.

More than traffic needed to get paid

Any online business person admits traffic by itself is never enough. Countless people miscalculate the influence of it. There have been a number of great posts over the past couple of years sharing stats on the quantity of traffic sent by gurus in the blogging and website world. They have created the right formula for success.

Of course Increasing it makes a fertile planting place for “customers to be” . Thought there are times when it simply turns into a place which an audience and readers pass by on their way to another place. Hopefully not to make a purchase. Converting these visitors to customers is where the financial success lies.

Get great tactics in place early

Don’t be a businessperson so obsessed with the puzzle and begin to welch on developing new and improved conversions tactics. Seeking the right approach makes folks move from simply visiting to buying is the plan of action. Having this in place as early as possible is the ideal. Playing catch up is never the right way to handle it.

This easily becomes an enormous error while costing any writer plenty. A site owner for a site or blog that is monetized exclusively constructed on the amount of traffic received and nothing else is doomed. The capability to understand the conversion of site visitors into customers (paying customers) leads to success. Following this tactic in business pursuits which earn revenue assures becoming a winner in any industry.

These are several ways to accomplish the conversion of traffic to customers.

Have a refund policy in place

Many customers feel safe purchasing if they know there is a return policy in place in case they feel they don’t want or cannot use the item or service. Having a refund policy in place makes certain visitors turned into customers feel comfortable. A feeling of comfort is a way to assure return business and customer satisfaction which is shared among others.

Depending on what is being offering, make the return policy fair. Don’t be too restrictive. For example, never allow returns only within the first 72 hours of purchase. Ensure terms are stated clearly and concisely. Of course a business is trying to make money, but find an interim that meets a company's needs as well as prospective customers.

If you already have polices in place too constricting with returns and refunds, change them. As the owner there is an inherent right and authority to do so as the owner.

Options for payment

Having more than one choice for making a payment are attractive. There are multiple third party payment options available. Of course PayPal dominates these kinds of options. However, not every client has PayPal available to them.

The internet is a worldwide platform and caters to those clients looking for another payment opportunity. Supplying customers with more than one is a sure way of getting more customers and more traffic converted to buying any good or service.

Security is always an advantage

Making traffic know a particular site or blog is secure makes folks feel as ease purchasing from a site. Security on the web is everything. Because there is always the threat of someone stealing an identify and all of the negative coverage about web crime in the news, security is ranked very high on any internet use. This is especially so for anyone purchasing services and products.

Know what the other guy is doing

Visiting the sites of competitors is paramount in this business. Know what the other guy is doing with a site, services and how much traffic or customers they see. What are the competitors refund policies, what products are offered and how do clients purchase? All of these things are great to know when before finalizing decisions. which affect business needs.

Never form a copycat site or blog. If this happens there is no incentive to come to this one or go to the original. However, being on top of what is happening in the industry is a help. It is an ingredient to a mix needed in order to become a guru in any niche.

Feedback is welcome

Let customers know there is an appreciation for what they think of business services and products. Let them know this is desirable. Customers are a terrific way to find out what is needed to improve services and products. Making necessary changes is a good thing. One or some customers are typically sharing the same thoughts as others choosing to remain silent in the matter.

Knowing what customers want and need and delivering puts a business owner and his/her brand on the map.

In conclusion

Doing more than simply building it and believing they will come is not enough. There are more than a few things to do which assure success in a business. Follow these tips and techniques.

When initially building a blog or site some mistakenly believe it is simply building it which makes the traffic come.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Very interesting and useful.

      I have mistakenly bought from sites that don't have any contact information. Oh there is an e-mail address but forget it if you need to talk to someone.


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