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Copyright Infringement - The Details of This Serious Crime!

Updated on November 7, 2013

Copyright Infringment Is A Serious Crime

And everyone should have an idea of what it means. It basically means, do not steal another person or entity's work or property in the form of words, music, video, logo, photo, or anything that belongs to another person or entity and begin making money off of that property. This crime heavily applies to authors and writers as well.

Plagiarism is the same thing as copyright infringement.

Everyone as a writer should have a concrete understanding of plagiarism and copyright infringement. If you don't, I suggest doing an Internet search about these two topics to gain a solid understanding before you begin writing again. Plagiarism is simply stealing words from an author, such as their published book, on a word for word basis and claiming the published work as your own without crediting the author in a bibliography or citations page.

Honest Hub Authors and Hub Thieves Who Steal Other Authors Hubs and Make Money - Yes It Is True!

There are many people out there who claim to be "writers" when in fact they are just copying another writers work and pasting it as their own so they can make money. This is especially true on where a hubber might have tons of hubs that are poorly written in English because that hubber has copied the work from someone else and pasted it as their own. You will read hubs that contain so many grammatical errors and you wonder why on earth does the hub author have so many hubs when they cannot even spell or punctuate in the English language correctly? Simple answer is, that hub author has stolen another author's work to make money and to prove this point, all their hubs would be written in perfect English but since the hub author has hundreds of badly written hubs, that hub author has clearly stolen hubs from other authors.

There's An Audience of Readers That Want To Read Your Hubs 24 Hours A Day/7 Days A Week - That Audience Will Make You Money As A Hub Author

And you do make quite a lot of money if you, as a hub author, have written many, many hubs because depending on what you're writing about, there is an audience out there who is searching for information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on Google. That audience reads your hubs, even if the hub was stolen, but some readers of that audience will click on the ads that Google Ad-sense placed in the hub, and boom, the hub author makes money, regardless if the hub was stolen or not. It is simple as that!

Collaborate Together As An Online Community Of Writers To Report Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement

It is also tough for Google to actually track millions of hubs written everyday. Google cannot read every single hub and determine if one hub exactly plagiarizes or has the exact same photo as another hub so it takes a community of writers and authors, that community is us, to report hubs that have violated copyright infringement and plagiarism. It is also not fair to other hub authors who have spent a great deal of time writing and editing their hubs only to have their hubs plagiarized by another hub author who has 1000 stolen hubs and that hub thief making all that money off of stolen hubs. So as a writing community for hub pages, we all need to band together and report violations, report hub thieves, and report cases of plagiarism and copyright infringement. needs to crack down harder on the community for writers so that everyone has a fair chance of making money on


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