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Copywriting Skill - A Key To Turn On The Money Faucet

Updated on September 26, 2010

Do you know one of the best skills you can possess in this internet marketing age? A skill where you can send an email to your list from your home office or a coffee shop and in couple of hours thousands of dollars get deposited into your bank account?

It is a skill that separates an average internet marketer from an excellent marketer. A skill that creates urgency in prospect’s mind, makes them eager to pull their wallet and buy your product or service.

You might be wondering what kind of skill is it. It is called Copywriting. A highly sought after skill and you must develop it if you want to be a good internet marketer. Internet is filled with content and you can write anything you want on your blog or personal website. But when it comes to writing a copy for a product or service (or for anything you want to sell on the internet), you need to write the copy in a specific manner so that it would trigger some neurons in your prospect’s brain.

Copywriting Skill - an important skill for internet marketing
Copywriting Skill - an important skill for internet marketing

Probably you have read some sales pages with your eye your balls glued to the webpage all the way to the end and it made perfect sense to buy the product.

Do we have to be masters in copywriting to make money online? No, but you should have decent copywriting skills so that your ads get clicked and emails will be opened and read.

People scan through the web pages pretty quick and judge subconsciously whether to keep reading or to move on to another website. You have to create enough curiosity and interest to the prospect to keep reading and stay longer on your product’s landing page.

This happens when you are talking to the prospect directly by writing the copy which answers the question in your prospect’s mind. Talk about me all day long. I never get bored. You are talking about the prospect and his problems. How you understand his situation and how difficult it is.

After stating the problem, show him the solution. This way you have a better chance of making a sale rather than pitching your product right away as soon as he lands on your webpage.

Talk about the problem your potential prospect is having in his language. When you are describing your prospects problem, he hoes like “yep, that is me. He knows what my problem is. So he must have a solution to solve my problem”.

Copywriting can make or break your business. You made every effort to bring the prospect to the landing page. Now the copy you write either makes the sale or lose the prospect for ever. The words you choose, the stories you tell and the benefits you describe on the landing page moves the prospect from thinking phase to buying phase.

Share your opinions and tips on Copywriting skill in the comments below. Would love to hear from you.


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