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Corporate Hospitality...Is it worth the money?

Updated on November 22, 2010

Sport and the Corporate Hospitality are often talked about, at big sporting occasions, with people either in favour of or totally against. Those in favour, are clearly those that get regular invitations, to major sporting events, at the expense of the regular paying fans.

Now, i would be very annoyed if my team made The F.A. Cup Final, having watched them all season, if I then failed to get a ticket. I do understand that many sports organisations use the corporate side to generate huge revenues, to help pay the massive wage bills. Do companies get value for money or is that not really important? Is it more important to be seen at these events, rather than getting the deal and value, they deserve?

This weekend I was fortunate enough to be invited to my first corporate. I went to my first Football Premiership game of the season, Spurs v Villa. This game was a sell out. Was i stopping a fan of Tottenham from attending this match? Was i bothered? NO. I accepted the invitation with no thoughts, of genuine fans, possibly missing out.

I attended the match with our MD and as we progressed through the halls at White Hart Lane, it was like we possessed a 'Golden Ticket'. Rubbing shoulders with Football legends like Pat Jennings, Martin Chivers, Gary Mabbutt.......amongst others, we were clearly in for a special day.

The company we had on the day was very good. Great chat, good laugh, free booze and lunch thrown in. No doubt, we enjoyed ourselves and the game was good too. I appreciated the invitation but, if another company offered us a service that was 50p cheaper per parcel would we change. Probably, so would companies be better served and save the £36,000 they spend and reduce prices for customers. I cannot answer that but, i know our own MD, would not be willing to spend the money on entertaining. He would be looking at keeping costs down for our customers, in what is a price conscious industry.

I mention the £36,000 cost, as if it were pennies. To some, maybe it is, but what do you get for your money?

Matchday Executive Box for 8 people, for every 1st team Home game, with lunch and a waiter. The Box is glass fronted with no access available to sit in the stands, outside of your box. The crowd noise is optional, with a speaker provided at the back of the box. It was like you were watching the game on a large screen with the sound off and a radio in another room was providing the commentary. As i say it was a great day but ask yourself is it value for money?

If you were the boss, would you spend it on corporate entertaining?

Stuart was a guest of Sportsballshop.


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