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Corporate Video Production: 10 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid

Updated on June 12, 2018
Creating a corporate video.
Creating a corporate video.


The power of videos to market products or services these days is undeniable with 80% of the world’s internet traffic accounted for it and social media platforms generating at least 8 billion video views each day. Plus, studies show that more and more people prefer to watch videos than to read texts. It is no wonder, therefore, that video production has become a critical marketing component across all boards in the internet industry.

Now, given all that, you might want to jump right in and create a video and start marketing, right? But hold your horses, don’t rush. Creating a corporate video that will surely capture the attention of your target audience and drive action is not as easy as you think. You definitely need the best professional help. Otherwise, you’ll fall on any of these most common corporate video production mistakes.

Crafting Without a Rudder

Greater reach, more leads, more sales, who doesn’t want to have all of that in an instant, right? But don’t be blinded by these glittering results, instead set your eyes on creating a framework that works, the effective means towards the ends of your marketing effort.

Lay out your objectives clearly first. It is a big no-no to start shooting, picking or creating scenes without having specified targets. What do you want to accomplish in the video? Why are you making one in the first place? Who is your target audience? How much is your budget for it? These are just some of the questions you’d like to ask yourself in outlining your objectives.

Hanging or Cliffhanger Ending

Have you tried leaving someone without proper goodbyes? That is what happens if you do not have the appropriate call to action at the end of your video. It’s like leaving your audience clueless of what to do next or how to reach you. Don’t let this situation ever become a barrier to the success of your corporate video marketing.

What do you want them to do after? Would you like them to buy your product or get your services? Would you like them to contact you via telephone, mobile phone or email? Would you like them to subscribe, follow, like or click something? How about to share or tweet your video and comment? Specify the things you’d like them to do before saying goodbye.

Sounding Like a Robot

Remember that you are presenting your company to humans and not robots. If the presenter speaks in a very structured way or sounds very scripted, it will drive disinterest to the audience, which will ultimately lead them to feel bored watching your video or worst fell asleep in the middle of it. So how can avoid this?

Before shooting any scenes, practice reading the script like you are talking to a person and determine whether it sounds natural or stilted. Also, if you are hiring someone to present the content, make sure that he or she is comfortable about it. Someone who has an experience on a certain topic you are leading your audience could be a great fit.

Jam-Packed, Messy Layout

You may have so many ideas you want incorporated in the video that on your initial production it looks like a busy mess. This is one mistake that you should be aware of. Know that one golden rule when presenting is to stick to your message or to the purpose of your video.

Putting some flashy graphics and other visual enhancing elements is okay, but see to it they’re not overused to the point that they become distracting to one’s eyes. Lead your audience towards the overall meat of your presentation by making your corporate video clean, minimalist and streamlined.

More Talk, Less Show

The purpose of creating a video is to show or demonstrate. It is not a stage where you can talk all you want. Create that moment where your audience becomes immersed to the experience you are offering about your product or service.

Let them think. Do not just give them all. It would even be powerful to liken your offer to something just to demonstrate the message you want to convey without overtly saying it.

Long Wait Till it’s Over

The length of your video really depends on its purpose. To whom are you making it and what do you like them to get? Of course, if it’s an introductory video, it should be short, direct and concise. If you can get it in 30 seconds, the better.

Research shows that 2 out of 10 people will stop watching your video after 10 seconds and 5 or more will be gone after a minute. Go direct to your point. Otherwise, your target audience will not watch or will skip sections of your video, missing important points.

Too Pushy for a Sale

Yes, you like your audience to check out your company or your offers, but make sure that you do not sound or look too pushy or else you’ll see discouraged audience who will might never want to hear from you again.

Instead, see to it that your video content is useful or entertaining, one that leaves your viewers wanting for more—that they’d like to contact you or try the experience for themselves. It has to lead them to that journey of actually considering your company naturally.

Bad at First Sight

You would like to catch and maintain your viewers’ attention the moment they saw your video. And the only way you can achieve this is by showing your content in its most appealing form possible. If at first sight your video has poor lighting or framing, then you’d have lesser chance.

Using natural light is a perfect solution to this. Along with the visuals, you’d also like to make sure that your video has crisp, great audio quality. External microphones are definitely a great help. When it comes to framing the presenter, just remember the rule of thirds.

Distorted Visuals in Mobile

This is one aspect that some overlook in creating their corporate videos, which is very critical nowadays since we have an increasing number of people that are going mobile day by day. So aside from making the content creative and informative, make sure that it is mobile-friendly. Test your video in all applicable mobile devices including phones and tablets. See how it looks and make necessary visual adjustments.

Stop at Upload

Your video is useless if it does not get any views or if it does, only a few. It surely helps if you can share it your followers or subscribers. Incorporate video into your social media strategy to optimize your chances of getting more views, both organic and paid.


So now you know how to create a great corporate video that your target audience will surely watch until the end, remember, and of course, share to everyone.


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    • Evane profile imageAUTHOR


      15 months ago from Philippines

      Hi Mary! Thank you. I've done diligent research in producing the content for this article. Glad it helps!

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 

      15 months ago from Ontario, Canada

      These are really good tips on creating videos. I want to try doing a few and this hub is helpful.


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