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Expectations of the organisation and its employees

Updated on December 24, 2015

Corporate culture

Corporate culture represents the values, beliefs, working environment and system of the organisation. It varies from company to company depending on its nature of work and priorities. It is an aspect that affects the people’s behaviour towards the organisation and they may be its employees or clients. Employees need a healthy environment to convert his 8 important hours of performance into productive hours. Similarly a client has the expectations of proper behaviour, response and services from the organisation for the betterment of himself and the organisation as well. Until and unless a healthy corporate culture is built within and outside the organisation, it’s insane to think of its productivity and growth. 35 to 40 percent of an employee’s time is consumed while working in an organisation. Hence it becomes essential to maintain healthy work culture for 100 percent performance and output.

A company’s culture reflects in everything that is related to it – Employee’s growth, turnover, hiring procedure, dress code, working policies, client policies etc. It is a major factor in holding and binding the business together by bringing consistency in the process. Implementing the positive work culture within the organisation and then maintaining it in all spheres of situations is the key to success. It is rightly said initiating a business may be easy but taking it to higher growth is difficult and then maintaining the level of standard is far difficult. Employee has a major role in sustaining the sub standards of an organisation through hard work, innovative ideas and loyalty. Hence it becomes the responsibility of the organisation to offer healthy environment for the betterment of its employees so that they can work in the direction of the growth prospects of the organisation.

Huge companies like Google are well known for its employee friendly corporate culture. They define themselves as exceptional and offers advantageous perks like telecommunication, Lunch, Fitness centers, flexi times etc. They have succeeded in maintaining their consistency and earned high ranking in the list of 100 best companies to work for. Their strategies towards their employees, market scenario, clients and the crush to achieve the best, has allowed them to gain this success. Fall of any organisation starts when their personal benefit overlaps the benefit for all. Strategy of any organisation should work towards the betterment of the organisation, its employees, clients and the society involved.

Corporate culture

Expectations of an organisation from its employees

Any employee is the key to success of any organisation and that is why interviews are conducted keeping in point the priorities of the business of the organisation. First and the foremost expectation of management from the employee are to fulfil the priorities of the organisation. Employees are defined with the job role in the very initial phase and they are expected to accomplish the task with sincerity and loyalty. Focus towards the target lets the employee work towards the growth of himself as well as the company. Taking initiatives and search for innovative ideas for the betterment of the business is not only expected but also appreciated with rewards.

Apart from Job responsibilities, an employee is expected to abide by the rules and regulations of the organisation. Maintaining the discipline and decorum of the system is the responsibility of each and every person associated with the organisation. It may be the peon or the highest official like CEO. Management always appreciate talents working with and for the company. Hence if any employee starts loving his job with 100% efficiency, no one can stop him from success. Maintaining the work culture also includes avoiding politics and gossips which hinders not only the management growth but also the employee’s growth. Let’s brief the expectations as follows:

Accomplishing the task - Foremost expectation of an employer is that the employee should accomplish the task given in specified time accurately with 100% efforts.

Sincerity and Loyalty – An employer wants his employee to be sincere towards his job and be loyal towards the organisation.

Positive attitude – Attitude affects the relation of an employee with co-workers and the customers which in turn results in company growth. One should be positive towards his job and responsibilities and it should reflect while dealing with customers as it builds confidence in company and the product.

Innovative ideas and challenges - An employer wants his employees to come up with fresh ideas for the growth of the product and the company and should never step back in taking up new challenges. One should take initiative for new projects, ideas and challenges.

Maintaining work culture – Preparing standards for company’s work culture is the responsibility of the management but maintaining those standards depend on its employee. This includes everything like timings, dress code, Work station policies, and behaviour with co-workers etc.

Expectations of an employee from his Organisation

Growth of an employee is dependent on its organisation and so is the vice versa. Hence if an organisation expects his employee to give his 100% with sincerity and loyalty, so expects the employee from his organisation. An employee’s expectation to join a company is to gain knowledge and experience for long term growth along with handsome perks to sustain his living standard. For sure, money is the major factor for joining any organisation but it is not the only factor. Likewise an organisation implements idea for retaining its customers, so is the requirement to retain its employees. The idea includes maintaining healthy work environment and handsome perks that fulfils the basic requirement of any employee. An employee expects his company to appreciate his efforts and motivate him for further task. Also he expects his involvement in decision making and implementing new ideas. Success of any business largely depends the innovative ideas implemented time to time as it is very crucial to sustain in such competitive market. These ideas are the extracted from the employees itself and if they are utilised properly, can be of huge profit for the organisation. In return organisation has to be sincere and profitable for the employee also.

A brief look on employees expectations

  • Timely and accurate payment of perks – Foremost requirement of an employee is the accurate amount of perks against his job role and its timely payment.
  • Safe working environment – Everyone wants to reach home safely after the work. It is an employer’s responsibility to take care of the employee’s safety. This is far more important in case of female employees.
  • Facilities apart from perks – Other important things include enough number of leaves, Leave travel allowances, Medical insurance, Provident fund etc.
  • Healthy Work culture – This includes the hassle free, tension free and positive environment for working. If one is flooded with people full of conspiracies, negative thoughts, and criticism, he will not be able to sustain for too long.
  • Continual Learning – An employee expects to gain as much knowledge as he can from his company. Regular growth is directly proportional to regular learning. So he wants his organisation to assign better projects for learning and experience.
  • Cooperation – While implementing any ideas or to learn something, an employee seeks for his seniors cooperation. Which if not offered, he feels offended and will not be able to perform well in future.

Motivation and appreciation. Being a normal being, an employee expects appreciation and regards from his seniors. Even to succeed in any task, motivation plays a major role which is expected from the management.


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