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Costco is turning into Walmart

Updated on November 17, 2011

Costco Quality Declining

While I realize that Costco products will vary from store to store based on the Region it's becoming more apparent that the quality of products they sell is on the decline.

Made in China - Sold at Costco

Yesterday I visited my local Costco and they were out of the usual frozen produce that I buy. But they did have a new item.... frozen Organic Asparagus. I'm not a huge fan of Asparagus, but it's tolerable... so I picked up the package to read about it. Turns out it's imported from China! That's right my neighborhood Costco is now importing food from China. Just like the horrible salmon that Walmart Imports from China. I suppose they can't grow Asparagus in the United States? Or maybe it's just cheaper to ship it 10,000 miles in refridgerated cargo ships? Then offload the cargo in Los Angeles and truck it to my local Costco? Well if that's the case then those Chinese Agricultural workers must be really rally low paid wouldn't you think?

Sadly this is the case with many products on display at Costco especially now that Christmas shopping season is in full swing.... quality on the decline. Name brands disappearing in favor of cheap imported no nome products.

So I walked over to the side of the store opposite of the food area. The tool row to be more specific. I picked up item after item and read the country of origin. China, China, China. I know tools... and you can just look at these tools and see the inferior quality. Costco in the past has carried some name brand American Made products in this area... but that is all gone. All the Lighting products... made in China! If not for the food items and the gasoline I'd probably just let mey Costco membership expire. I can buy the same quality merchandise at Walmart, and the prices at Costco on this imported Chinese Crap are not better than Walmarts. In fact I'm seeing more and more items that are not cheaper than Walmart. Case in Point Mobile Synthetic Motor Oil... cheaper by far at Walmart. And not a Chinese Product.

I also tried to find a decent blanket at my neighborhood Costco and the selection was pathetic and again all Chinese made and just horrible quality. Who would carry blankets in the fall right?

Well I hope that Costco gets it's act together and goes back to carrying quality items. It's getting harder and harder to find qauality in Costco. Harder to find it anwhere any more. Americans have settled for Crap over Quality and this is the result. A disposable product society which sends our dollars abroad in exchange for items which will be in the landfill in a matter of months.

I'd also like to see Costco do a better job of disclosing the origin of their Kirkland product brand. Some Kirkland products are okay, some are good, some are not very good at all.

This really makes me wonder even if the Banking System were ever fixed if Americans could ever be smart enough consumers to demand the quality that used to be available. It is not cheaper to buy cheap crap and replace it over and over. It's cheaper to buy quality items that last... it's also a much better way to treat the planet.

Costco is turning into Walmart.

Feel free to coment. I would love to hear about American Made quality products that you may be finding in your local Costco that are absent in mine.


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