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Could this Work at Home Program Really Make You Six Figures?

Updated on June 4, 2012

What Does An Opportunity Look Like?

I recently received an email that challenged me to try out the American Writers and Artists copy writing course for only $17.00. If I choose to not cancel my credit card would be charged an additional $330.00.

What they offered was a Copy Writing course that could generate a six figure income and they were going to show you everything that you need to know. If this opportunity was legitimate then this would truly be a work at home opportunity.

I am usually leery of these types of offers, but I was intrigued because they offered a one year 100% money back guarantee -- no questions asked. Anyone that confident in their materials deserves a look, in my opinion.

What is Copy Writing?

What exactly is copy writing? According to Wikipedia, "Copywriting is the act of writing copy (text) for the purpose of advertising or marketing a product, business, person, opinion or idea."

Have you ever gotten junk mail? Have you ever got one of those infomercial emails? That's copy writing and there is a skill set in doing it. For those who can do it well companies will pay handsomely for the talent.

AWAI said that they would teach me the details and skills for quality copywriting and that by the time I finished their course I would have a marketable skill.

My Experience with AWAI

I decided to give it a go for two main reasons. One, I enjoy writing and two was their money back guarantee. What did I have to loose? I decided to print their page that promised a one year guarantee just in case there was a problem I would be able to successfully contest it through my credit card.

I signed up and got instant access to their course. I started reading and the truth be told I couldn't stop. I found it very interesting! For the record I know absolutely nothing about copy writing. But as I perused their course I could see that it was very thorough.

Let me be honest here, I ended up canceling my subscription. Not because of anything with their materials, but because I didn't think that this opportunity would fit with my time and what I want to do. I actually almost kept my subscription just to go through the materials more thoroughly in order to write better. After I thought about it for awhile I liked the idea of getting my money back.

In looking at their program I think that they really have the ability to help someone create a true home based business that can make some decent money, but I am not sure that you can do it with this program alone. Once you enroll in their course they will send you multiple cross-selling opportunities which are additional training courses and access to professional groups. Although the training course I signed up for seemed very complete to establish a foundation in this business I believe that eventually a person will need to access some of the additional materials.

Asking for a Refund

When I made the decision to cancel my subscription I made the phone call to their customer service department. I found the person I spoke to very pleasant and efficient. It was a Friday that I called on and she advised me that the refund probably wouldn't be processed until the following Monday. She thanked me for giving their company a try and we hung up.

On the following Monday and I received an email showing that 100% of the cost paid was refunded. One thing I can say for sure is that I was totally impressed with my experience with AWAI.

If you are looking for a home based business opportunity and don't mind taking some time to be trained I would recommend that you look into AWAI's opportunity. For the record I have no affiliation with this company and receive nothing for my position recommendation. My opinions are based solely on my personal experience with AWAI.


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    • wetnosedogs profile image

      wetnosedogs 5 years ago from Alabama

      Thanks for writing about this company and your experience. It's something to think about and research.

    • The Rising Glory profile image

      The Rising Glory 5 years ago from California

      @frugalfamily - thank you for stopping by and commenting. As to your question my reason was literally about time. I have multiple endeavors that. I tend to be a workaholic, but I love doing things. I really wasn't looking for a stay at home "job."

      I thought, if I could write something three or four times a year, pick up a few bucks for it that it would make me a better writer and be fun. But, in my opinion, it is more for someone looking for a career change, job, "needing" to make money. It's just a lifestyle decision on my part.

    • frugalfamily profile image

      Brenda Trott, M.Ed 5 years ago from Houston, TX

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I find that most internet marketers are very easy to work with when it comes to refunds. I'm interested to know why you didn't think you'd have the time. Was there a lot of sales involved?