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Couple Gets Big Break With Puppet Clown

Updated on May 3, 2016

Creators of TRIPPY The Clown

Red carpet photo
Red carpet photo | Source

Online Business Success

Tim Phoenix & Sandy Martin are talented artists residing in Hollywood, California. They have a very successful online business that is earning them thousands of dollars. It revolves around their creation of a trouble making puppet clown named TRIPPY. The revenue comes from their vast array of merchandise sales through their website Over the past few years they have gathered an everyday growing audience from all over the world. TRIPPY is becoming a household name. It’s impressive how they have breathed life into their charming character. The analytics for the age range of fans is across the board, Young and old seem to find solace in TRIPPY, especially with the entertainment of watching him rise into a new "Pop Culture" Icon. (story continues below)


Their Roots

Tim is originally from Binghamton, NY and Sandy is from Canonsburg, PA. Both of them have sturdy backgrounds in the arts. Tim, has a long laundry list of mega budget blockbuster movies he has worked special effects on, including the new Batman VS Superman & Deadpool to name a few. See Tim's IMDB here. Sandy has an extremely impressive background in writing music for hundreds of albums, movie soundtracks, stage performance, and worked directly with big names such as Rod Stewart and Will Smith as well. Which is also the beauty for them of making the TRIPPY The Clown world come to life. They have all grounds covered.


They both write, produce. direct and act in all of the entertaining TRIPPY episodes. Not to mention the music for them as well along with TRIPPY'S heavy metal album you can find on iTunes. TRIPPY The Clown’s Youtube channel had close to 500,000 subscribers and conjoined video views of around a million, but when Youtube and Google partnered, TRIPPY’S Youtube channel was swooped in the vortex of the confusion and lost in the deep corridoors of the internet wasteland. This happened to many people at the time, who were helplessly devastated and had no way to retaliate due to Youtube not having a sturdy means of contact except a fax number. Hundreds of TRIPPY fans faxed the Youtube Main Office begging to restore TRIPPY’S Youtube channel but they never responded to anybody. So, even though this attractive couple had to start all over from the ground up, Tim and Sandy didn’t let that stop them knowing there is always the BIG picture above all else.

TRIPPY'S Youtube Analytics for 2016

The Perfect Team

Tim and Sandy are constantly producing new shocking content, including every Tuesday night in Hollywood at the World famous Whisky A Go-Go on Sunset Blvd, a weekly rock show called Ultimate Jam Night where TRIPPY is a guest emcee and comic relief with colorful banter. Also, a great thing for Tim and Sandy is that their fan base just keeps growing and growing. That being said, they have made thousands of dollars in the past year alone and it is snowballing. Just about every town in the United States alone, has a handful of people wearing TRIPPY shirts. That’s just the beginning of their merchandise selection. It’s always a great help too having some celebrity backing on their side. Bottom line is, after a few years hard work, this couple’s labors are paying off. The extra beauty of this is that they are doing this all on their own, without help from the studios, networks, record companies or crowd funding. TRIPPY The Clown is now a business that is generating it's own financial backing. Therefore Tim and Sandy have done what most people strive to do, they are their own boss. Very impressive. Half of their day is packaging up the daily orders and mailing them out, the other half is pure creativity. Currently, Tim and Sandy are in pre-production for a TRIPPY The Clown motion picture.

Chuck Wright (Quiet Riot), Brian "Head" Welch (Korn) & Sebastian Bach

Watch Hollywood acclaimed best short horror film starring TRIPPY The Clown below

Steel Panther, Sean McNabb, Leif Garrett

Hollywood's New Clown Icon

TRIPPY The Clown is "Pop Culture's" New Name
TRIPPY The Clown is "Pop Culture's" New Name

Powerman 5000, Zakk Wylde

Tony Todd, Sid Haig

TRIPPY The Clown


Jack Black, Adam Carolla & Brendon Small (Metalocalypse)

Riki Rachtman, Robby Krieger (The Doors)

Wes Scantlin, Puddle Of Mudd


Tim Phoenix & Sandy Martin as THOR & Wonder Woman

Sandy Martin Promotional Video

John 5, Steve Vai, Norman Reedus

Fan Tattoos

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