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Create A Free Blog To Make Money

Updated on January 22, 2018

Create A Free Blog To Make Money Online

Would it not be great to create a free blog that brings in money each and every month? it is possible and the best part is that it is not that difficult to do however it is not going to happen overnight. I created ,my first blog about ten years ago to document a health journey that I was dealing with at the time and when I closed it a few years later it had a couple of million in total viewers over its lifespan. Neat trick considering the limited audience. The blog did make money, not enough to live off of, well not that one blog, but a few hundred bucks off a single blog is not too shabby.

During this particular hub page we are going to look at how you can start your own blog that will hopefully bring in some money. Again I stress this will not happen overnight but I will show you how to do it without spending a cent

Creating The Free Blog

For your first time creating your blog it is important to pick a blogging system that is easy to use. Google's Blogger has been at the top of the list for over a decade as it is extremely friendly. If you are not crazy about the blogspot added to your website name you can easily upgrade to a custom domain name for a small fee.

One of the benefits of using Google Blogger is that Google is and will continue to be the largest search engine on the net so your site will be indexed pretty quickly and will start to bring in organic traffic.

All you need for a Google Blogger account is to be signed up to a Google account. If you have a gmail email address you are already there and Blogger is listed under Google apps in your account

What Do You Know Well And Love

This is where people tend to screw up. It is important that you pick a subject area that you know really well and love to talk about. It is essential to be able to create a ton of content around that subject area if you hope to rank high in the search engines. if you are not on the first page of Google search you basically do not exist

Too many people pick a specialized niche because it pays out great on Google Adsense but have nothing to say about the topic. There is a small chance they will be ranked well if there is no competition but nowadays that is basically unheard of.

An exercise I would suggest is list out the different topics that you would like to write about and then beside the list make a secondary list of all of the subtopics you can write about.


Keyword - The Big Bang Theory

Secondary Keywords - Actors, characters, episodes, merchandise, trivia, etc

I know write now I could create a ton of content for this keyword, unfortunately there is a ton of competition and pays poorly through Google Adsense. Lets look at that component during the next section

Google Adword Keyword Tool

Finding The Right Niche

See that lovely photo above? That is a quick glimpse of Google's Adword Keyword tool and the best part is that it is free. What the AdWord Keyword Tool does is allow you to research a certain topic where it will tell you everything that you wanted to know. From the number of searches per month, to the level of competition and how much they suggest one bids for a specific key word.

The number of searches per month

The number of searches per month is important for it will tell you about your potential reader pool. Obviously you want pretty good numbers in this area. Would suck if you picked a topic that only averages seventy searches per month

The Level Of Competition

The way the Google AdWord Tool ranks this area is low, medium and high. Low is what you want to aim for and stay the heck away from high competition as it tends to be dominated by websites and blogs that have been around for a long time

Recommended Bid

This category will give you an idea what Google AdSense will pay for a given keyword. It can range from a few cents to hundreds of dollars. The high end of the scale tends to be words surrounding lawyers and lawsuits where the website sees paying four hundred dollars to advertise on a site will pay off with a multi million dollar lawsuit

The Google Adword Keyword Tool is also found in your Google account listing or by a quick search on Google

Getting Traffic To Your Site

Of course you may have the best blog in the world but will mean nothing for your pocketbook if no one ever sees it. In order to get traffic for your blog you need to appear in search engines but that is not as easy or quick as it seems

Google has a certain algorithm to rank sites to determine where they will appear in their search engine. No one is really sure what the exact details that Google is looking for and once webmasters figure it out Google comes out with a new one. A good number of websites and blogs were basically put out of business during the last algorithm page as the number of organic traffic to their sites were decimated

What Google Likes


Again the key is content. The more information your blog has on a specific topic the better it is going to do. A website with five pages on The Big Bang Theory is going to get destroyed by a site of hundreds of pages on the same topic

Back Links

Back links are a tricky topic and they keep changing in terms of what Google is looking for. There are two forms of back links to keep in mind. (A) On Site - that links one page to another normally through a key word link (B) Off Site - Whether it is through commenting on other blogs and websites leaving your link or from specialized sites such as hub pages. It is important that the subject material is relevant so leaving a link for The Big Bang Theory on a NHL site is not going to do you much good

There are sites that offer to send five thousand visitors to your site for a price but they are useless as they will not click on any ads. No Clicks No Money

Making Money With A Free Blog

Now that your blog or website is up and people are finding its way over to you it is time to start thinking about money and how to monetize their piece of the net. Throughout this hub page I have been talking about Google AdSense and they are a reliable source of income for a lot of webmasters although there may be better options depending on your blog. Lets take a look at a few


Amazon pays a small percentage for selling their items on your website and with the right blog it can make a fair chunk of money. The key here though is making sure it is relevant to your blog. Don't sell golf clubs on a cooking website. One of the bonuses with Amazon is that if customer A does not buy the product you advertised but bought something else you still get the commission

Affiliate Ads

There are a ton of these out there and are easy to find. Some pay for clicks or sign ups and other pay by view. The most popular tend to center around surveys and credit cards. Just read the small print as some do not allow blogspot addresses and Google Blogger does not allow any adult ads.

So Create A Free Blog And Make Money

I believe I have covered all of the basics when it comes to creating a free blog in order to make money and I hope you have found the information useful. If you have any questions just leave them in the comment section and I will do my best to answer them

Lets recap

- Find a subject you love

- Use Google AdWord Search Tool to make sure the interest is there

- Create a ton of content

- Get on the search engines

- Monetize your blog

- Have Fun

Have You Made Money With A Free Blog?

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