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Create Easy Backlinks to Your Site for Free

Updated on October 5, 2016

What is a Backlink?

A backlink is any incoming link that points from any external site to your website. The external site can be anything from a forum post, a blog entry or another website. For example, you own site "A" and the owner of site "B"posts a link to your site on their blog, site B's owner has created a backlink to your site. Basically, any external link linking back to your site is a backlink....and you want as many as possible.

Why are Backlinks Important?

Simply, you will benefit from backlinks because it improves your site's visibility as far as search engines go. If your site and another site are competing for Google's attention, Google will choose the site that it feels is of better quality. A large part of choosing the "better" site is the site's popularity. More links equates to more popularity. The more links you have pointing to your site, the more popular & useful the search engines assume your site is. Internet users wouldn't be linking to your site if it was crap, right? That's exactly what Google and other search engines think, too.

What Should I Know About Backlinking?

  • The easiest backlink to create is the natural or "organic" one. These are the naturally occurring links that come as a direct result of good content. When people share links to great content that you've created, like funny youTube videos or helpful tutorials, they are creating backlinks for you. All because they loved your work and had to tell others about it. CREATE GREAT CONTENT and the work is done for you.
  • When creating backlinks, avoid associating your site with questionable websites. When lots of adult websites or link farms are linking to your site, you will be lumped in with these shady characters and likely penalized by search engines.
  • If you can get backlinks from authority sites or super popular sites, it will give even more weight to your site's links and your site's worth. One hundred links from unknown, poorly rated sites doesn't necessarily mean more than 2 or 3 from sites like Amazon or Wordpress.

Enough with the Info! How Do I Get Links?

There are many ways to get backlinks pointing to your site. Really, it's only limited by your own creativity. Here are some quick, easy and free ways to do so. Hopefully, this will get the ball rolling with ideas for you:

  • Join Twitter and Facebook and point the accounts back to your site or articles. It works even better if your Facebook/Twitter accounts contains information that is relevant to your website.
  • Write articles for article submission types of sites, like Ezine Articles. These sites publish your articles AND allows others to publish your submitted articles on their sites. If your articles are popular, this can become an almost viral way of getting links to your site out there. Just make sure that a link back to your site is contained somewhere in the articles you write (your signature/bio at the bottom of the articles is a really easy way to do so).
  • Post to forums/communities that are related to topics found on your website. Once again, make sure that a link is contained in your posts (signatures are simple to incorporate links into).
  • Post your site's information to reputable web directories (DMOZ should be your first priority).
  • Join blog sites and make sure that some of your posts contain links back to your website. Some great sites to be active on are, HubPages, Blogger and any other similar type of site.
  • Use site bookmarking sites that submit to reputable sites. I use SocialMonkee with good results. Basically, these sites submit your links to multiple sites from one form. SocialMonkee in particular takes about 5 minutes and will create at least 25 unique backlinks to your site. This can be done daily for free. Update: 1/14/13 - Since posting this hub, I have discontinued using SocialMonkee. I had a great spurt of rising traffic and rank in results before suddenly being missing from Google results. I do not know the reason for the disappearance, but I assumed that maybe it was a penalty for creating so many new links each day. Use SocialMonkee at your own risk!
  • Contact other webmasters and try to broker a deal to swap links (or better yet get them to link to you without requiring a reciprocal link). Contact related sites since their users are already predisposed to having an interest in your topics.

I recommend using a combination of all of these methods. Quickly grow your links by doing a bit each day and you will see improvement in traffic and search engine ranking very soon.


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  • philli profile imageAUTHOR


    2 months ago from Madison, Alabama

    Yep...This is a very old article. It is no longer updated.

  • profile image


    16 months ago

    Great article! Although, I think DMOZ may be defunct now.

  • tirelesstraveler profile image

    Judy Specht 

    6 years ago from California

    Nicely written hub with great information. Thank you for the up date.

  • philli profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Madison, Alabama

    Thanks, a lot!

  • bodylevive profile image


    6 years ago from Alabama, USA

    This is good to know information. Thank you for sharing. voted up useful


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