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Creating A Paypal Account Without a Credit Card

Updated on August 7, 2009

How I was Able to Activate My Paypal Account in the Philippines Without a Credit Card

When I started being a freelance writer four months ago, I was asked by my employer if it would be possible to pay me through paypal. We are on different timezones and bank deposits would be expensive. I said, no problem, I'll create an account. I went to paypal's site and signed up. I felt excited to have my first payment.

On the first payday, when I received Paypal's notification that I received a payment, I logged in instantly and tried to withdraw. Unfortunately, my withdrawal limit shows $0. Oh my! I didn't notice that I had to increase my withdrawal limit using a credit card! I DO NOT HAVE A CREDIT CARD! I was frantic, i didn't know what to do. I can't apply for one because I just came in between jobs. I won't be able to submit the requirements. I tried using a debit card from BDO sadly it was not allowed. My last hope was my Union Bank E-wallet, the one issued by the company I used to work for (haven't surrendered it yet though I've been resigned for months already). it went through! I drew a sigh of relief. Finally, I would be able to claim my pay! Good thing I still have some money on that account because paypal would be withdrawing around $2 but will deposit it back to your account afterwards.

If you will also use a company-issued e-wallet to create your account, make sure that you have your account number because that is needed. If you don't receive the regular bank statement, you can call your HR department and ask for it. You would also need that to call Union bank to ask for the 4digit sort-of pin that will show upon paypal's withdrawal from your account.

if your company doesn't use UB e-wallet, you may just go to the nearest branch and avail of it. be sure to bring identifications and you would also be charged for the card around PhP200.

Having no credit card is not a hindrance in creating and verifying paypal accounts in the Philippines.Thanks to Union Bank E-Wallet!


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    • profile image

      arnold faustino 2 years ago

      i have land bank account but idont have creadit carf

    • profile image

      ian 3 years ago


    • Nikkah Lubanga profile image

      Nikkah Lubanga 3 years ago from Cebu City Philippines

      hi, i am using a bpi express teller card. is it okay to withdraw my cash even if it is not a visa or mastercard?