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Creating Your Own Income Opportunities

Updated on January 7, 2011

How to Create Income Anywhere

Creating income from thin air happened out of necessity for me. Even though I had a so called stable profession it didn't always pay the bills. Maybe you can relate to that. Most people can.

My wife and I are not spenders. We seldom buy new clothes, most of my clothes are from the goodwill and no one really knows any different. Well my wallet does ;-)

We seldom eat out mainly because we can normally cook better tasting and more nutritional food at home. That is how we have always been. We really don't want or need fancy things.We have good food we have our health and we live in Hawaii.

But we still need to pay our bills. Which really isn't much.

Creating money on the fly as I call it isn't necessarily hard, but you will have to work at it and you might also want to become some what creative at this endeavor. Pay attention when you are driving to and from work etc.

This isn't new but the easiest way to create cash almost anywhere is to sell your stuff.


Start selling all the things that you don't use need or want.


Do not feel guilty about selling that ugly blue sweater that mom gave you for your birthday. I am not sure why some parents think we have to keep clothes for ever?

Plenty people have told me that they don't want to sell anything that they have. Thats fine then just keep the closet and garage full of things that you seldom use. Other people such as you neighbors probably have a ton of crap that they dont need also. Help them sell their crap also. Yes its a pain in the ass but I have made 1000s selling my own crap and other peoples stuff also.

OK you need cash right and you need it like yesterday.

All the internet hocas pocs BS is fine, but when you need cash you cannot count on the internet ever. Now remember I said that. Yes you should use it as a tool but speaking from experience of being an internet marketer for 14 years.

I am talking to all the big shot internet successes out there also. I have had raging success one day and the next day failure. If you are working with a fluid media you cannot depend on continuity its common sense.

You should never ever depend on the internet solely for an income.

Yes I live very frugally and hubpages and a few other networks have basically paid my surfing adventure around the world But everywhere I go I try very diligently not to be solely dependent on one thing such as the internet.

Sure selling things on the web can make you money fast. I sold my neighbors boat for him. It was sitting in his back years for years. He said I could keep what ever I got over 100 dollars. Seemed like a good deal. I put it on Craigs List and asked 1200.00 for it because I thought that the inboard motor was worth $$. I didn't really know. A guy came the next day and offered us $500.00 for it.

Its easier for me to sell tangible products like cars for people or boats. Mostly for people I know, if I see that they are having problems selling their car or boat I will offer to help. I don't claim to be an expert. I just make a fair deal with them take pictures and put the car up on Craigs for them. I have sold all of the cars boats and yes planes on Craigs. I was even selling my friends car on Craigs when I was in Costa Rica. He was in Florida.

Look for Opportunities

Look for opportunities in your area to create income. When I lived in Florida so many older people needed help with their homes cars gardens etc. I enjoy helping people , you wont always make a huge ton of money helping some elderly people with the things that they are unable to do but you will have something that you will never be able to buy with money. The love and respect of your community.

I see ways to create cash every where I go. Some people are conditional about how they are going to make their money. No way will they pick up cans on the side of the road !  Talk about easy money. We did it just recently and collected $90.00 of cans in a day.

But you need real $$ right 90.00 is chump change right!  Not to me it isn't. I don't have credit card debt or a mortgage that is making me pay twice for my house.

Get out of debt and you will not need as much money to live. Sell your home that is to large and at least one of your extra cars.

Blam! You just created your own opportunity.

I think you can see what I am getting at. If you are wanting to earn more money because you are in debt way over your head You are probably spinning your wheels. Start by getting out of debt. Its easier in the long run.


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  • coolbreeze profile image

    Rik Rodriguez 7 years ago from Hawaii

    Thanx jsimms

    We have tried to be ourselves over the years.

    All the superficial BS that all of us buy does not replace family.

    If you have to work 2 jobs to support your family like I did. You are a modern day slave.

  • jsimms38 profile image

    jsimms38 7 years ago

    Coolbreeze, I and Ben Franklin agree with you "A penney saved is a penney earned". We live in a society of excess we can never get enough we have to have "STUFF". Well having stuff keeps you broke and obligated. I applaude you and your wife for resisting the temptation to be excessive and for remaining content with a simple lifestyle.

  • rlleon42 profile image

    rlleon42 7 years ago from United States

    Thanks for sharing. I like the way your mind thinks. Ain't no shame in nickels and dimes.

  • davidrio profile image

    David 7 years ago from Lisbon

    you have like a midas touch getting money from old rope :)I really believe lots of drowing in debt people should read this Hub, it`s a back to the basics and a wake up call

  • thougtforce profile image

    Christina Lornemark 7 years ago from Sweden

    Many of us has way too much stuff that we collect in cabinet or basement! And often these things create a lot of work and thougth, you move them around at your place, wondering, where are we going to put this! Great advices and tips on how get rid of unnecessary stuff and how to live, and I agree, we can often choose how we create our life! Thanks for sharing your insights on the subject!

  • profile image

    Marcella Glenn 7 years ago from PA

    This is very useful information, thank you for sharing.