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Creating a Blog or Website

Updated on September 9, 2015

In this article I am going to talk about how to creating income through a website or blog that you might own or have created. This is one way that I have made a bunch of extra income. It sound difficult but it really is nothing to it. There are a lot of free site building tools out there that could help you get started and they will even host your page for you. The important thing to remember is to SEO so that you can get traffic the more traffic you get the better your earning potential will be.

Think of it as a popular television show, it becomes popular because many people view it and watch it every week and are constantly waiting for the new episodes the channel will be the site and the episodes is the content of that site, the viewers are the traffic or page impressions. The more views you get to your content the more popular your site becomes. The commercials would be the ads and or sponsors. By placing ads on your site you help the advertiser gain business. In doing so they grant you a percentage of the cost it takes to advertise based on their budgets.

Now that we have broken down what a website is and how to get started it should be a bit more clear to you how you can earn a really good income and in some cases even quit your 9 to 5. Just remember to keep your content fresh and up to date and make sure it is good quality. Research what people want and what they like before creating your website or blog. Now blogs are a little bit different but the same concepts apply you still place ads and you still get paid in the same manner how ever blogs require a bit more time and effort because they should be updated more often then a website. A blog is a bit like a radio station there is never a repeat of the same content for instance the genre of music might be the same but the selection is always different.

When writing blogs you can choose a specific topic or have a bunch of different topics. If you decide that your blog will be about one thing in particular then you will have many post all related to the same topic such as R&B there are a bunch of song in that genre but they are all different and even if the message is the same it is told in a different way from song to song. Now if you decide to have your post about different topics then the possibilities are endless that means any from anywhere can post to your blog about any topic that they choose based on the categories you set.

There are a few free blog site out there as well but before I get into that there are different types of ads you can post to blogs as well as website. It also depends on the content of your blog and or site. You can also post ads from affiliates as well as auction sites. Once your blog is set up there are a number of ways to post your ads so they appear on your blog.

How do you get these ads and where do they come from? By now I bet you are asking this question. Well I am about to tell you don't worry there are many ad publisher networks out there but it requires some research to find the ones that will work best for your site. I use Bidvertiser, Ad click media, Google adsense and a few others. Just do a search on Google for ad networks you should find a lot of them.

Most of them are free but they all normally have more then one type of account you can sign up for an advertiser and a publisher. You want to make sure you sign up as a publisher that will allow you to post ads on your site or blog. If you want to advertise and create ads for other peoples sites and pay them a percentage to advertise for you then you would want to sign up for an advertiser account.

Once you have been approved as a publisher you then have to decide what type of ads you want on your site and the size and or shape for some ad networks you can choose these settings for others it is set by the network already. You also have control over colors such as background,text and link. You also get a choice of the type of ad you place such as all text,video (in some cases),picture or photo ads, both text and picture, links for feed and many others to only name a few.

I have found that bidvertiser tells you how much each click is worth for each ad. How ever Google and ad click media they won't tell you but you will still earn a lot from them. I strongly recommend placing feed ads in all your blog post as well as regular ads within the blog it's. Google adsense has a great program because their ads are targeted automatically to match the content of your site. Meaning if your site is about love and relationships the ads will reflect love and relationship sites.

I want to give you a few of these websites that offer free hosting and some that offer tools to build your own free website or blog site.

Web tools for site creation

  • this is a web 2.0 website creator it is pretty basic and simple to use. It is free offers free hosting as long as you have a sub domain name through them.
  • this too is another great site for building websites it is also simple and allows for you to make and or create up to five sites or blogs with a free account. It also offers free hosting for a sub domain.
  • Lime Domains this is possibly the best one of them all. Lime domains allows for free hosting in more then one way the first way is with a sub domain and the second is if you purchase a domain name. They also allow for you to build your own website or to install one and one of the best blog sites ever can be installed on the free account. However if you become a paid member you can create multiple sites. You really should check this one out.

Blog site for free

  1. First is one ran by Google it is called Blogger if you use adsense because it easily integrated with adsense. Just a few clicks and you are all set up. Just follow the instructions
  2. The next one is WordPress this is a great site it acts in a few ways. the link I provided is just for the blog portion of it. The other way is to run your own word press site this will allow you to add a bunch of plug ins to make your site so much better and help you to customize it to your liking and earn an even greater income doing it.

I would advise buying your own domain name as well because it make your site stand out a bit more and it is easier for SEO. It also makes your site more unique and helps to add some personality to your site with a name you choose. A good site for choosing a domain name and registering it would be Go daddy. This site offers domain names of all kinds and yes there is a charge for it depending on the package you choose. There are no free domain names unless it is a sub domain offered by the site or tool used to create your website.

I hope this article has helped to clear up some things and to help people to understand how to earn a nice size income by placing ads on your website and or blog. Remember creating back links and linking to other sites and blogs on the internet is a great way to seo your site. One last tip before I end this article remember to integrate your site or blog with other sites and or blogs.


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    • Masata profile imageAUTHOR

      Derrick Houston 

      5 years ago from Philadelphia

      Glad you like it and hope it helped.

    • LaurenBrownie profile image


      5 years ago

      Nice article, it has lots of information, and may come in handy for me.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      That information was very helpful and made understanding the idea of other blogs or websites much more understandable for me. Thanks for sharing.


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