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Creating a Social Media Buzz for your Brand

Updated on May 12, 2016
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Steven Rich, MBA, has 30 years experience as a content writer. Former ad agency owner, he is now a freelance content writer and SEO expert.

Social Media Buzz

Creating a Social Media Buzz for your Brand

Social Media Buzz for your Brand

By: Steven Rich, MBA

Creating a Social Media Buzz for your Brand can be very profitable.

A businessperson’s greatest pleasure can begin when people start chatting about his/her brand, engaging, and become curious to know more about the brand. Then they want to know more about the company’s founder, business location, other products and services, and business culture.

It’s a fact that people do not connect with brands forcing brands to connect with them. You must create a “Buzz” on social media making people become personally and emotionally involved with your brand. Here are some tips for creating a social media buzz for your brand:

1. Selecting the right time to start the buzz is critical.

Timing is everything in social media. Attempting to create a buzz at the wrong time will end with disappointment. So when is the right time? Before starting a buzz your brand’s reputation needs to development along with maintaining your social media platforms. Brand new products, services, and companies have no reputation. Trying to create a buzz before establishing in reputation will result in people looking through Social Medias for an overview of your brand. If none exists, there can be no buzz.

2. Create an interesting and engaging story.

Every brand must have an interesting story in order to go viral. Creating a story involves researching every social media and online content to evaluate what people get excited about. You need to understand what people are currently interested in. Stories need to interest people. Look at your story like writing a movie script or an outline for a bestseller book. Plan how your story unfolds with a theme related to your products, services, and brand.

3. Pre-Buzz

When your story is ready don’t just Blast it all over social media. This will result in a Boom no one hears. Start with a teaser or notifications to begin discussions about your topic or blinks about what you will Boom with a Buzz. Many marketers fail to do this and end up with a non-Boom. Starting with a pre-buzz maintenance helps you with attracting a target and niche audience who understand your brand and are interested. If something is wrong with your story, it is better to find out in these early stages in order to correct it. Before beginning a Buzz be prepared with reviews, Q & A to react properly when the Boom starts, and the social media engagements takes off. You need the ammunition to feed the engagements to keep the ball rolling. In the end, your story should create a hike for your brand making people connect to you and your company.

4. Make the Buzz go Viral

Compelling and enthusiastic content with more “Thumbs Up”, “+1s”, and “Likes” must get shares and re-shares. Creating especially good hashtags (#) for your campaign is an important way of getting organic back links to you landing page to sell your brand’s products or services. Hashtags are the SEO Keywords for social media. Your Buzz needs to begin in social media platforms where people already relate to your brand because they are interested in it. It can begin from your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts where your followers will make it go viral. You can also simultaneously do paid promotions on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

In Conclusion, follow these four steps to create publicity around your brand increasing awareness and traffic to your campaign’s landing page to increase sales.

Steven Rich, MBA


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