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Creating a Web Site that Doesn't Suck

Updated on August 24, 2009

Creating a web site is a step that can help you to start a new business or show some of your ideas to the world. A lot of people create web sites, but the main problem is that many of these web sites really suck.

I am certainly guilty of creating bad web sites. However, for the common person on the web it is sometimes difficult to understand all the different technologies necessary to create a good web site.

Many people will be intimidated when learning the basics of html tags, css, tables, forms, and many other things that are necessary to have a web site.

The reality, however, is that you can do really well without knowing all this technology. Here are a few tips that you can use to create great web sites, even if you know nil about web site design:

Keep your web site clean

Most people make the mistake of adding many elements to a web page. This may look nice at the beginning, but it is really difficult to create good web pages with many elements.

What makes good web pages is the consistency with which elements are used. Start with just a few elements to which you can add as you go. A basic page can contain just a header and a main block of information. If you are consistent, this can be really good, even elegant.

Don't Use Many Fonts

One of the big mistakes committed by beginners is using different fonts in the same page. You should minimize the number of fonts, as well as the number of font sizes used. If you do this, you will appear more professional, without the confusion generated by many fonts.

The best font to use in the web are the ones that are embedded in most browsers. Examples are Georgia, Verdana, and Arial. Most other fonts are not necessary, and should be used only to give effects on the title, for example.

Be Clear And Concise

Cleanness and concision are more related to the content of the site, but can also be reflected on the design. If you don't have a main theme in your website, it will show as a confusion, or a complete mess.

If you follow these tips, you will be able to create entire new web sites that will be clean and easy for others to follow. As a result, you will get many more visitors, and they will love your web site.

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