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Creating an eCommerce Website: 5 Essential Things You Need to Know

Updated on November 2, 2016
eCommerce websites grow in popularity nowadays
eCommerce websites grow in popularity nowadays

Websites differ and so do the goals of their owners. Some users start thinking about creating websites to encourage their co-thinkers to join their discussions and share their comments (this especially concerns the blogs and forums). Others need websites to promote their businesses online and increase their profits. However, eCommerce projects remain the most popular and trendy these days. This is because they simplify the lives of customers and the sellers by making it possible to offer and purchase different types of products on the web. As a result, the shopping process becomes much more encouraging, quick and easy. Isn’t that exactly what most customers and online dealers need these days?

That being said, there are no doubts left regarding the necessity and profitability of online shops. What you should know, though, is that the process of creating such websites is much more difficult than you could imagine. Here are the 5 essential things you need to know to make your eCommerce website a success.

The content of eCommerce websites is a priority for the customers
The content of eCommerce websites is a priority for the customers

1. It Is All about the Content

The key to the success and profitability of your online shop is the way you are able to represent your products and popularize them on the web. Just think about the intensions your users pursue when browsing through your online shop. While some of them may just be interested in what you are ready to offer them, the prevailing amount of customers are looking for a specific product and they want this product to be of high quality. Give your visitors the feeling of uniqueness and don’t forget about such essential nuances as informational value, contact info and encouragement to buy from you. Always update the content and the prices on time to make your customers aware of the recent changes and take your time to provide the detailed description and reviews of each product included into the catalogue. The content should be convincing. This is the benefit in itself.

Customers of online shops often pay attention to website design
Customers of online shops often pay attention to website design

2. Consider the Design of Your Online Shop

With a myriad of online shops available on the web nowadays, finding the right one is a challenge for a customer. While different web-based platforms may offer the same assortment of products, they may differ in their design. That is why, the design of an online store is that feature that will make your eCommerce website stand out from the crowd. Keep in mind that the design should not be bright and remarkable only to be in demand with the public. What matters most is the way the structure and the content are combined there and how well they are organized. Decide on the structure, the number of pages and their interlinking well in advance and select the images or graphics to enhance the essence of the content. The design may be quite plain, but it will be consistent and readable to meet the shopping needs and requirements of users.

Online shops should be user-friendly to be popular with the customers
Online shops should be user-friendly to be popular with the customers

3. Ease of Navigation

If we compare the age groups of people, who shop on the web, we will notice that representatives of the young generation give preference to online shopping more often as compared to people of other ages. However, to gain online popularity, your eCommerce website should come up to the needs and expectations of all age groups. In other words, your online store should be user-friendly and feature convenient and hassle-free navigation to let the customers choose the products they need in a free and simple way. Client satisfaction is another success factor that should not be underestimated.

Online customer support should be available 24/7
Online customer support should be available 24/7

4. 24/7 Customer Support

Online shops are created to be browsed day and night. Each customer chooses the most convenient time of the day to shop for the products he/she is looking for. So, it goes without saying that round-the-clock customer support is a must. It makes the clients confident that they will get the required assistance whenever they might need it. The quicker and the more effectively the problem is solved – the more satisfied the customer will be and the more encouraged he/she will be to continue the shopping process.

eCommerce websites should be responsive and available on mobile devices
eCommerce websites should be responsive and available on mobile devices

5. Mobile Accessibility

We live in the age of the ongoing technological process and it is close to impossible to walk along the street without meeting someone with a mobile device in hands. Correspondingly, it is a priority for the owners of eCommerce websites to make them accessible on mobile devices to let the customers shop on the go. This aspect provides extra convenience and ensures the increase of profits, especially if the mobile version of an online store is successful and easy-to-use as well.

As you see, making a nice-looking and functional eCommerce website is a challenge that takes time, effort and financial investment. Consider the nuances mentioned above when developing the online store of your own.


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