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Creating practices for a viable customer experience

Updated on February 20, 2012

Businesses rely on customers and it is important to keep all customers happy and provide a positive experience for new and old customers. This requires creating practices and policies to ensure each customer will be treated with dignity and respect in terms of their wants and needs. Each employee in a company or organization needs to understand the policies and practices of the organization for which they work. It is important to know the approach which management or owners want employees to take concerning the treatment of customers.

Each organization needs to have documented policies in place which are communicated to each employee through training they should receive when hired and on a regular basis. This is important especially if changes are made to improve the feedback from customers. Another aspect involves the perception customers receive from interact with an organization. This interaction can be difficult in some respects based on not only a global economy environment but the impact of the Internet in communicating with customers.

It must also be stated that not all businesses have employees where establishing practices and policies need to be communicated. The Internet has provided opportunities for individuals to establish companies and provide products and services to potential customers. Establishing these characteristics of a business will be best communicated through online communication technologies. One of the best practices for any business is to identify practices and policies associated with customers of an organization through online opportunities for businesses of all sizes. The need to communicate to customers is important but the criticality of it has greater impact for a small independent business owner.

The manner and quality of communicating the way a business operates and what is important to them in terms of satisfying customers will impact not only keeping customers but getting new ones. The increase of social networking has added a new level of communicating business practices surrounded by the topic of customer experience. Customer experience it must be remember by any organization can be positive or negative. Positive experiences are what businesses strive for and negative experiences are what businesses hope to avoid. The key thing in communicating practices and policies through Internet options is to make sure the statements reflect the way you operate now and in the future.

Honesty is another aspect which needs to be included in business practices and policies. It is the one characteristic that can turn off customers and prevent obtaining new ones. Today there seems to be many reports of errors in judgment where actions were taken by businesses which contradicted organizational policies. In some examples they amounted to decisions which bordered on dishonesty while others were clearly dishonest actions. Society and customers are impacted by these actions and it is therefore important to ensure honesty with customers is a reflection of the character a business hopes to project.

Another aspect of being honest should be reflected in any advertising promoting products or services. Companies need to make sure any statements made are a reflection of what a product or service can or cannot do. When we as customers search for a product to meet our needs or wants we need companies to be honest on whether what they offer will satisfy those needs or wants. Ignoring this concept will not only lose a customer but the experience will be communicated to friends and families of customers who experience such situations. Companies who can or exhibit honesty in their dealings with customers may lose a sale if what they have does not satisfy a customer. An advantage of being honest while losing a sale will be the gain of a customer who will come back because of the honesty exhibited. Happy customers let everyone know about their experiences and when their experiences match the policy objectives of an organization it creates a positive reputation.


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