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Creative Marketing & Promotions

Updated on March 11, 2012

Stand Out in the Crowd

Marketing & Promotions are done to make you stand out in the crowd. their main goals is to identify or create a customer base, satisfy the customers needs, and keep the customer. With this as your primary objective, the management of the marketing and promotional campaigns should be considered one of the major components of business management. Consumers taste and perceived needs has evolved over the years and so has Marketing & Promotion, case in point look at the Superbowl commercials. Millions of people tune in to watch the came and probably roughly the same amount tune in to watch the commercials. Companies must continue to be dynamic in their Marketing and promotions and keep it evolving to meet the needs of the new consumers, meet the stasis in new markets caused by mature markets and over capacity markets. The adoption of marketing strategies requires businesses to shift their focus from production to the perceived needs and wants of their customers as the means of staying profitable.

There are five major elements to any good promotional plan.

Selling with personal touch: Most consumers want to feel that personal connection with the products they purchase and the company they buy from. Consumers are more likely to buy from companies they feel comfortable with.

Marketing directly to consumer: Companies should market to the consumers as though they are talking to them individually not a heard of cattle. As we know not everyone's taste is the same but for the majority it is very similar. So companies must focus on major similarities of the group to spark the interest of the majority of the consumers.

Publicity: Can work for a company or against them, good or bad. It is what a company with the and about the publicity that decides their fate. An example of this would be the Catastrophic BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico April 20, 2010. BP received much criticism and negative publicity over this disaster and remains negative, Probably due to the fact that in the beginning nobody wanted to take responsibility for the disaster, then the lawyers got involved and it turned into a major cluster (more so than it already was). In all this back in forth battling between corporation and countries. It seems that the people that were mostly effected by this disaster were the ones forgotten. Yes in the end BP was forced to pay billions to help the people effected, but to this day there is still resentment toward BP. Do you think the negative publicity could have been turn into positive if BP had done things differently; Took the blame for the disaster, reimbursed our people for lost wages and lively-hoods, set up the healthcare fund early on and so forth? Everyone makes mistakes it what you do about it that makes the difference.

Advertising: Is used as a type of communication that's purpose is to entice or persuade consumers to take action such as to purchase a product or travel to a certain destination. At the very least spark an interest.

Promotions: Work injunction to advertising. Companies use promotions to enhance their advertising to "push" consumers toward the acceptance and or purchase of their products through sales, lower prices, perceived need and so forth.There are many different ways to promote a product or service to today's consumers, you have different areas of media such as newspapers & Magazines, internet, billboard advertisement, special events, endorsements, and the list goes on.

Once a Company has determined its promotional plan its next objective is to create its budget for the marketing campaign.

Admittedly, some marketing campaigns can be expensive, time consuming and/or difficult to execute. The most important thing is to come up with a promotion that is unique to your company and that sends the right message about your company and/or product . Some Companies spend millions on marketing and advertising and to some degree it works for them, but not all companies have that kind of budget.

The key to a well spent marketing and promotional budget is customer satisfaction. If you are leaving a good lasting impression with your customers and taking care of them they will return and to you and recommend you to their friends and family who in turn will become your customer and that is what it is all about isn't it?

Themed Campaigns

When creating a campaign utilize themes in your marketing and promotional strategies, this adds cohesion to the different aspect of the campaign, Print media and so forth. Well-executed themes get results in marketing because they reach beyond features and benefits to engage emotions as well as the intellect. In addition, they provide unity between words and graphics and thus become more memorable.

An example of a excellent themed promotion would be the one that Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center did to promote their “Change Your Life Campaign”. They chose to use red boxing gloves as a symbol for fighting heart disease and stroke. They utilized the gloves in all their promotional and marketing material and on their websites. They utilized Arcana Custom Gift Baskets to create themed gift baskets made with towels, filled with exercise items, water bottle, marketing material and the red boxing gloves. These where handed out to the media as promotional gifts.

Fighting Heart Disease and Stroke Custom Gift Baskets
Fighting Heart Disease and Stroke Custom Gift Baskets | Source

So the key is to make your company standout from all the rest. You do not have to spend millions, you have to leave a lasting good impression and that is what it is all about. Show your customers you care about them and their business is important to you. If you have long time loyal customers get to know them, send them a gift basket on their birthday or a holiday let them know you appreciate them by doing more than a thank you. You may be surprised how much it will mean to them.


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