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Creative Promotional Products Online

Updated on October 10, 2013
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Timothy Arends is a writer, graphic artist, webmaster and entertainer. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Berea College (Kentucky).


Corporate Gift Promotional Products: Why Are They Important?

The power of small promotional items or products may be subtle, and this is why they can easily be underestimated, but in the world of business marketing, such touches can be an important factor in why some companies succeed and others don't.

Increasing memorability and gaining a slight edge over competitors are two of the reasons why companies invest in promotional products. A promotional product as small as a keychain may not make a big difference to accompany, but the way such thoughtful touches are employed can.

Methods of Promotion

Companies promote themselves in many ways: through billboards, television and radio commercials, newspaper ads and so on. The use of promotional products is just another form of advertising.

While they may not be as commonplace as other forms of advertising, promotional products can play a unique role in getting the company's name directly in the hands of consumers.

A keychain, for example, is a common item that is carried on a daily basis by most people. Adding your company logo or promotional message to a keychain can turn it into a persistent advertisement. Your company message will then go wherever people take it.

Such items can serve as a constant reminder that a company, product or service exists. That can have a lasting effect on clients, partners, employees and customers.

The client who receives even a small item may also see it as a confirmation of his or her value and an important part of the business relationship. That can help the relationship grow into a better one. This simple gesture can be remembered for a long time by the one receiving the gift from a company and can result in an even stronger future relationship.

Giving Gifts To Employees

Giving larger promotional products as corporate gifts to employees can create a bilateral effect by both making the employee feel appreciated and boosting their drive to produce, having the overall effect of increasing company efficiency.

This can be a way of thanking employees for doing well in their tasks reducing absenteeism and improving productivity. Giving employees something extra in exchange for good work shows that they are appreciated. Customers who receive a useful promotional item will also likely remember a company that gave it to them longer.

The Right Gifts Can Enhance Your Relationships

A promotional product needn't be expensive, and as long as it is useful and of a certain quality, it can send a powerful message to the recipients, whether they be clients, employees, partners or customers, and that can be a useful way to enhance the relationship and ensure that the company is remembered.

To be most effective, the promotional products that are given away by company should be strongly related to the business and should be given either to customers or those who have the potential to become customers in the future.


Can Cheap Corporate Promotional Gift Items Be Effective?

An investment in your corporate promotional gift giving strategy is an investment in the relationship between you and those who have helped your company to succeed. This may include your clients, your partners, your employees, your loyal customers and anyone who has stood by you, your products or your services over the years.

Because corporate gift items are an investment, they also come with a price tag. Unfortunately, the return on this investment sometimes falls short of what you expected. That is, the purchase price of the items you buy fails to be offset by any future income you may gain in terms of customer loyalty and repeat business.

Many or most companies that invest in promotional gift items do so for only one reason: to benefit from improved relationships with partners, clients and customers resulting in future income.

Challenges Of Corporate Gift Giving

Corporate gift giving can help customers to remember the name of your company and the products and services you offer. However, if you fail to get back the amount of money spent on the gifts then this means that something is being done wrong.

A hundred dollars invested in gifts should result in more than one hundred dollars of increased revenue from customers and clients. Spending a lot of money on corporate gifts with the promise of only a small return is not a good way to increase your long-term revenues and profits! Therefore, you should be careful to base your corporate gift giving on the expected amount of returns from each segment to which you give.

Inexpensive Needn't Mean "Cheap"

When your company makes its corporate gift giving plans, whether for a small or large number of people, you must choose items that are cheap enough to maximize your corporate budget while being relevant enough to the recipients to deliver the expected return in goodwill towards your company.

Cheap doesn't necessarily have to equate to low-quality. Promotional gift items can be inexpensive while carrying an aura of quality that can enhance the image of the company giving them.

Some items can be purchased relatively inexpensively over the Internet and may cost even less if purchased in bulk. The important thing is that they are useful and relevant to the recipient as well as to the company.

A cheap promotional gift item can more than pay for itself in terms of customer goodwill and future company revenues, whether it is given with the purpose of saying thank you, of serving as a marketing strategy or of recognizing the client or partner's contribution to the success of the company.

in any event, even "cheap" corporate promotional gifts can and should exude a certain level of quality, be related in some way to the product or services a company has to offer and provide value to the recipient.

Promotional Products Work!

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