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Creative Ways to Make Money Off line

Updated on February 23, 2009

There Are Many Ways Other Than Online that Will Put a Few Bucks in Your Pocket Too

Being online for many years I have become accustomed to seeing, as I am pretty sure you have, the "make money fast" on the internet advertisements. Making extra cash online is possible, I know, because I have done it for years. For some reason it has became evident to me,over the years, that when I attempt to make extra cash in my community by offering my services or buying and selling physical goods, that I will consistently have success. This is not to say that there have not been many failures in my attempt to create some sort of cash flow when I needed it, but each attempt brought me closer to my next success.

Many times it doesn't take much effort to look around a particular area and figure out the potential for making some fast cash. It has taken as little as one phone call for me to help someone rid their yard of a few old cars. When I stated I would do it for free and we could just split the junk yard reimbursement, which was $75.00 per car, the man declined and said that I could keep all the money and that I deserved to be paid for the idea also and he paid me.

I have sold cars, boats, surfboards and bikes in the free sections of many different newspapers around the USA. Oddly enough I have found work by hanging out on the beach and surfing. So, it has proven to me that if you visit areas in your city or town where people generally congregate for recreational purposes that you will have a good chance of figuring out something or someway to make some money.

Usually I do not even have to ask people for a job. I just talk about what I have been doing that possibly relates to their issue. Like the time I heard a surfer talking about his girl friends house that needed painting. I visited the house and said it should probably take someone a few weeks to paint it. They wanted me to start the next day if I could, I started on the spot and worked many weeks for them not only painting their house, but it also led to working on many things around the house, even fixing up their sailboat!

It doesn't take an advanced degree to figure out how and where to find people that are willing to pay you to do the things that they may not want to do. You may not get rich, but if you use a little diligence and common sense you will be able to solve almost any issue in your life.


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