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Creative Ways to Make Your Store Front Stand Out

Updated on August 25, 2010

Great Looking Storefront

Make Your Business Stand Out

Today’s savvy customers are wise to many of the advertising tricks of years past. With the ability to get the information, products and services they want online at the touch of a button, businesses have to work harder than ever to get the customer’s attention. Brick and mortar stores are competing with online venues, and to make a storefront stand out it takes a creative touch. Some of the best ways to make your storefront stand out when shoppers walk or drive by take only a small investment for a potentially significant payoff.

1. Lighting
A lighted storefront attracts more attention, especially at night. Businesses which employ a dramatic lighting scheme show customers that they are not your average store. While neon lighting may grab attention, it can also send the message of being cheap or tacky. Businesses should stick to a modern, elegant lighting theme in order to retain an element of value and sophistication.

2. Music
Playing a song may seem simple enough, but it can help in getting customers to consider coming into your business. Make sure your songs appeal to a large audience and are not being played too loudly to deter potential customers. As they walk by, a soothing or fun song may just be what draws them in. This approach works well for stores which get a lot of foot traffic outside or those that are located in a shopping center.

3. Printed Glass
One of the newest innovations in store advertising in printed glass. Though printed glass has been around for awhile, the technology we have today make this a more flexible advertising tool than ever. Stores can print text, graphics or images on the glass, keeping perfect tone, shape and quality throughout the transfer process. The result is an eye-catching display which attracts customers with its modern storefront display.


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