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Some Unique & Creative Ways to Advertise Your Brand

Updated on June 1, 2011

The best ways of advertising a brand cause consumers to think about your brand while they are seeing the ad as well as thinking about it later.  How many times a day are we exposed to different advertisements but never even notice of them?  We are constantly exposed to so many traditional ads that we’ve stopped paying attention to most of them.  Finding new and exciting ways of grabbing consumers’ attention will not only increase brand recognition, but it will also raise the bar for advertisers everywhere.

One Word Campaign

Use several different conventional (and unconventional) marketing techniques to get out one word, one word related to your campaign.  (Many of the techniques I mention below are good ways of “getting the word out.”)  First, post just the word in many different places to get people’s attention.  After several days/weeks of featuring just the word, start associating a date with the word.  This date would represent the day/time the meaning of the word will be revealed.  By creating a mystery around the word, you capture your audience’s attention and intrigue them into learning more.  Once the meaning of the word is revealed hopefully the rest of your marketing plan is sound enough to achieve the desired results!

Sidewalk Sell

Sidewalk chalk from your youth can draw attention to your brand by writing on cement pavement.  Even though the advertisement is only temporary and lasts until the next rain, it’s a cheap way to advertise and attracts people’s attention when they’re generally not occupied by other things.  An alternative to this “sidewalk sell” is using special posters that you can attach to the ground either with tape or special adhesive.

Example of Sidewalk Selling


Landmark Launches

This is not the typical giant blow up dinosaur on the side of the road.  This type of advertising is something more obscure and on a bigger level. 

Examples of Landmark Launches


Forehead Features

A semi-recent form of advertising that is not too often seen is forehead advertising.   People advertise a certain brand by putting a temporary tattoo on their foreheads.  While this is certainly an unconventional mode of advertising, it can generate significant interest when done for the right brand.

Example of Forehead Featuring


Social Media

Social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, etc. have all become popular in the last couple of years. These techniques have proven to be very effective and don’t need to be highlighted in this article.

Examples of Social Media


Conventional Marketing

These are the marketing techniques that we’ve seen for as long as we can remember: television commercials, posters, billboards, flyers, radio plays, magazine articles, newspaper articles, telemarketing, and email blasts.  The key to using these methods is to incorporate something into them that differentiate the ad from all the “conventional” marketing ploys.


Have you tried any of these techniques in the past?  Do you have any suggestions of other creative ideas to share with readers who are working on building their brands?  Post below and share your feedback!


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    • quotations profile image

      Robert P 6 years ago from Canada

      I feel sorry for the woman who tattooed the web address to her forehead and disgusted with the company that encouraged this. They mutilated the woman.