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Crime Prevention and Security Measures, Small Business Edition

Updated on June 22, 2014

Small firms are at a higher risk for falling prey to criminal elements — from petty robbers, all the way down to perpetrators of organized crimes. In many countries, criminal activities and violence directed toward small businesses pose a significant threat to the local economy. That said, adequate measures must be taken in order to limit the risks and protect the livelihood of the people involved. Becoming a victim of crime is more than just a loss of profits; precious lives could are put in danger, as well.


It is therefore not surprising that honest and hard-working business executives are concerned about the safety and security of their offices and their employees. They need to be extra vigilant because criminals are constantly honing their own skills and devising better ways to infiltrate businesses and rob them of cash and property.

So how do you lay down the security measures?

Establish a business fortress.

There are three basic essentials to consider:

  1. Nature of the business and the work done by the people involved.
  2. Location of the establishment.
  3. Items of value that need protection.

It is not enough to be aware of the crime rate in the area and then base the security measures on this statistical data alone. The surroundings must be assessed and the activities of the people that work there -- their schedule, included -- must be cross-referenced with the crime rate, for example. The areas of vulnerability must be enumerated and individually addressed.

Additionally, the access from the outside must be evaluated and the level of security must be set against the value of the items contained within. For instance, there could be a ramp or other road features that make a quick getaway from a robbery possible. Or the cashier section might be visible from the street, or it could be hidden from view, which might encourage petty robbers to get a quick wad of cash without worrying about help coming from the street.

Enhance your business's exterior visibility!

  • Make sure that the main gate and other exit and entry points are secure and all the locks and bolts that prevent access from the outside are of the highest quality.
  • Install security cameras in strategic areas. Why? Simple: to make it easy for security officers to review video feeds on specified schedules.
  • Keep the grounds clean and well-lit, especially those in dark areas. The decors near the building and within the grounds must not obscure the view of the security cameras and must be taken care of so they don't set off false alarms.
  • Get rid of potential hiding areas by keeping your trees and shrubs well-spaced. Can you just imagine not giving them the time to huddle and wait for the right moment to attack? Trim the grounds regularly to maintain a clean appearance.
  • Empty your mailbox every day to keep criminals from retrieving important personal information (e.g. convenience checks, credit card applications, etc).
  • All employees of the company must have emergency phone numbers and other important contact numbers (e.g. Police Department, Fire Department, etc.) for immediate reporting in case an incident occurs.

If these tasks come off a bit daunting, you can always utilise security services.

These are the key qualities of an effective security services provider:

  • Possesses of updated and proven security solutions
  • Is trustworthy and reputable
  • Experienced in protecting business establishments from criminal elements

What are the benefits?

Hiring a third party in the form of a managed security service is another option available to small business owners. The visible aspect of this service is the security guard—a person who has been trained to effectively engage any form of security breach. Having trained security personnel watch over the establishment is beneficial to the company and makes the security measures more effective (think petty criminals who will be discouraged when they see the all-day security guard making the rounds). Managed security services can also provide state-of-the-art monitoring and surveillance equipment.

There are many different security options for small businesses today. Making the right choices and implementing the security measures that are commensurate to the needs of the company is at the very heart of ensuring the safety and well-being of both property and personnel.


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