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Criminologists- A Profile of a Real Life Profiler

Updated on September 21, 2008
Criminal Profiler Dayle Hinman
Criminal Profiler Dayle Hinman

If any of you watch TruTV (formerly CourtTV) then you are probably familiar with criminal profiler, Dayle Hinman from her weekly show called Body of Evidence. This is a show that reviews real life cases from the files of Dayle Hinman. But many of you probably don't know a whole lot about Dayle and who she is. Therefore, I have created this hub for those fans who might enjoy a profile of a real life profiler.

The Early Years

Dayle Hinman was born one of three children in Connecticut in 1952. Her family moved to Palm Beach, Florida in 1961, where Dayle graduated from Palm Beach Gardens High School. She went on to obtain her bachelor's degree in criminology from Florida State University. She began her 26-year career in law enforcement in 1975 working as a cop on the beat at Florida State University. She then spent 5 years as a deputy for the Leon County Sherrif, including a stint in the department's underwater recovery dive team.

She eventually trained in the Criminal Investigative Analysis division at the FBI Behavioral Science Unit. Dayle was one of the first people there to be trained in Forensic Profiling under John E. Douglas. Many of you may recognize John Douglas as the FBI agent on the case of Hannabal Lector in the movie Silence of the Lambs, a movie created on the real life case of a serial killer. Dayle is now a court-certified expert in crime scene assessment.


Now retired, Dayle is one of only a handful of women in this field. She spends her time lecturing both nationally and internationally on criminal profiling, crime scene analysis, threat assesment and serial offenders. In the hundreds of cases she has worked on her her career, Dayle has only had one profile that turned out to be different than the profile she created. She has worked on several high-profile cases such as Ted Bundy and O.J. Simpson.

In 2001, CourtTV did a documentary on Dayle called Body of Evidence. The movie was so popular that CourtTV made it into a regular weekly show. I am among the many fans of Dayle Hinman. From the first time that I saw the first episode of Body of Evidence, I have been intrigued with her style and her precise profiling. Being an avid fan of any type of forensic style shows, be it a documentary of true life cases or made-for-tv series, Dayle Hinman has been one of my favorite criminologists. Her weekly show continues to air and for those of you who have TruTV on your cable line-up, I would highly recommend that you view this show. It also helps put true cases in perspective after so many forensic type shows have been aired. While many of my favorites include all of the CSI episodes, Bones, NCIS, Law and Order, Crossing Jordan, just to name a few, Body of Evidence adds the reality of real cases and how different the T.V. versions are from real life. Go know you want to watch it!


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    • profile image

      Debbi 5 months ago

      I have always been very interested in Dayle Hinman. She just is amazing. I've been watching her for a very long time. I even watch reruns over and over. She is very elegant. I Just enjoy all of her shows.

    • profile image

      joe leong 18 months ago

      i remember the show on the justice network. very good

    • profile image

      BUDDY 2 years ago


    • profile image

      IAN 2 years ago

      As a member of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, I love watching DH's BODY OF EVIDENCE, being repeated on TRU-TV in Britain at present !!!!

    • profile image

      george liston 3 years ago

      she is a delight. well groomed, well spoken, a cutie-patootie, my kinda gal.

    • profile image

      IAN 3 years ago

      Love her show - especially as I am a member of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London!

    • profile image

      don 4 years ago

      can anyone tell me when the show comes on. i used to watch it all the time, and it seemed to just disappear

    • profile image

      gaetan 4 years ago

      dale is cool,

      yet not another one of my "schools"

    • profile image

      brenda hart 5 years ago

      my son was murdered dec 20th 2001 no one wants it solved i have look in to it for 11 yrs i have a lot of stuff but no where to go with it because i have been told to forget i had a son several times to back away fast from the case . i have been told no crime had been found even tho my son was shot 2 times in the head n his body was found in the shed and also the guns was took out of state , i was told by 1 states attorney he would make sure it didn't get back in to court . crime scene pictures are missing , i ask were they destoyed , hide , or just lost all they will say they r not here to be found there is a lot more to much to write about please can u help me my e-mail is

    • profile image

      Dawnmarie Burgess 5 years ago

      How can I contact Dayle to take our story! I want Dayle to solve our family case. Thank you for your time. My email add is

    • profile image

      Karen 5 years ago

      Does she have a current e mail address?

    • profile image

      Gary Higgins 5 years ago

      I need help. My cousin was killed by police in 2006 in massacussetts. My opinion...Ive found 186 pages of babble on my lap top, but nothing formal. as i am a black sheep i was lied to by family. since he was only 23 it baffles me and hurts very deeply to be so alienated by my family, with no closure. Ive written all 3 police agencies involved. its been 20 days,nothing. not even an e mail. ANY, suggestions are appreciated. Gary Higgins PLEASE AND, THANKYOU

    • profile image

      Don Spindler 5 years ago

      I enjoy watching Dayle Hinman and the Body of Evidence program, it shows how intelligent a person she is. I can watch her program all day and never get bored. Dayle, keep up the good work.

    • profile image

      nc girl 5 years ago

      I really like Dayle Hinman and Body of Evidence, but lately there has been this horrible sounding gasping or inhaling sound which really detracts from the show.....I get "hate" this sound,.

    • profile image

      lewis sestito bundy 5 years ago

      Dayle Hinman may not be able to tell you much about Tim Harris since she covered up the fact that the case against him was a total set up and that the drug smugglers of martin, indian river and palm bch county all had a part in making that happen. See Ann RUle was investigated by Dayle when she was so close with Ted and despite the fact that Rule sent ted money even after she knew he killed all those young women and children and well, Dayle is involved with all of this #$#$.

      You can just ask Linda Braswell (as in astilleros Braswell) and also ask dayle about Andrea Parsons, a "missing "12 yr old child. Missing because the welfare of their smuggling op's through Archer Daniels Midland were threatened by Chip Tatum at that exact time. But don't worry, Florida got him too, locked him up for some kind of treason or espionage IN A STATE PRISON, but of course it was illegal.

    • profile image

      macongeorgie 5 years ago

      She joined the FDL, it appears, in 2002.

      Does anyone know when she retired from the FBI, or left the FBI?

      If anyone knows, please let me know. Thanks!

    • profile image

      debisis 5 years ago

      She's got a house in my city of where I grew up and she's exactly 20 years and one day older than me. I feel so special! Anyone knows what she's doing now? Are these shows new ones or just the reruns?? thanks

    • profile image

      David & Lisa Powers 5 years ago

      We love her shows and her work with Law Enforcement. How can obtain an autographed photo of her adressed to us? Keep up the great work.

    • profile image

      Sukhi sohi 6 years ago

      Hi Dayle

      I am an engineer and watch dayle's shows all the time I am really impressed with her abilities. I wish her long life and make everyone in this world like her which will bring the peace in the world

      Dayle's fan

      Long live dayle hinman

    • profile image

      Elaine Nelson 6 years ago

      I too am a big fan! I have been a fan since the very first Body of Evidence show. Dayle is an inspiration to woman!

      She is an excellent profiler, very interesting to watch how works her cases and she is always such a professional.

      She really takes care of her health and for her age she looks so great. I wish I looked that great. I just realized that she has finally retired and very sorry to hear that since I can now only watch the reruns that I have already watched many times and they are still great!

      I hope you all the very best Dayle in your retirement. Always wondered if you have kids or you were a single professional. You really seem to have figured it all out and it shows. Best wishes!

      Elaine Nelson

    • profile image

      helen 6 years ago

      Does she have a sister by the name of Teresa?

    • profile image

      Patricia Seymour 6 years ago

      I am begging you please to contact me before i end up dead and then you will be investigating my death. If anything was to happen to me my predators names are Caroline/Carolyn Chambers. I'm being stalked, bullied and violated in so many ways as a human being is beyond your imagination. I loved and enjoyed the ability you have in assessing the crime scenes the way you do. Please email me Please Ms. Hinman, please.

    • profile image

      Peggy 6 years ago

      How can Dayle be contacted?

    • profile image

      Suzanne Whitton 6 years ago

      Does anyone know what sunglasses Dayle is usually waering in the shots when she has them on - Thanks and you can e-mail me at

    • profile image

      Fan 1 6 years ago

      I really enjoy watching her Dayle she's a wonderful detective and I admire as a woman, very intelligent. Keep up the good work!!!!!

    • profile image

      DyNama Ohio 6 years ago

      this bio is pretty superficial. was Dayle married? did she have kids? did she actually work on all the cases in the tv series? i know there's 1 episode that takes place in Ohio, did she really go to Ohio, and maybe other states? did she testify in court a lot? did they make episodes of her work on the Bundy and Simpson cases and if not, why not?

    • profile image

      Donna Logan 6 years ago

      I am addicted. Not only is she smart, she is a beautiful lady.

    • profile image

      phillip kasen 7 years ago

      My MUM is 95 ,..Im 60 ,..And we love Mz dayle !!

    • profile image

      Future criminal profiler 7 years ago

      Watching Dayle Hinman in Body of Evidence is what made me want to become a criminal profiler. I love all of her shows and I hope to be just like her some day. All my thanks goes to Dayle because if I would have never saw her show I would have never thought of becoming a criminal profiler. Now it's all because of her and watching Body of Evidence every week that makes not want to wait to become a criminal profiler. :)

    • profile image

      fromjoy32926 8 years ago

      Since Dayle grew up in Palm Beach Gardens she may be interested in a Missing Person from that area who disappeared on I-95 enroute from her Father's funeral in Cocoa, Florida on May 17, 1983 when Ex-Trooper Tim Harris was on Patrol. The Missing is Mary Lee Nappi(nee Sweat) DOB Nov/1941-5'2"-100 lbs-Brown Hair-Blue eyes driving new white Corvette. That car may reveal trace evidence. Please help us find her & if she was one of Tim Harris victims.

    • profile image

      future profiler 8 years ago

      Hi great article I loved Body of Evidence it doesn't seem to be on anymore in my area :( Dayle Hinman is the best and I am an aspiring profiler right now i am in school and studying forensics. I may be a bit "old" to be starting this but it's my dream.

    • Bonnie Ramsey profile image

      Bonnie Ramsey 10 years ago from United States


      Congrats! I admire you for doing what you dream! I had never even heard of forensics when I was in school so I never had the option as far as the type I would love to have gotten into. I wish you all the luck in the world and appreciate you stopping by and commenting!


    • profile image

      Kwaj 10 years ago

      Dayle is my hero!! I love her show. I want to be just like her when I 'grow' up:) I am currently in grad school for clinical psych with emphasis in forensics and her show gives me so many prospectives. Thanks for the history on her

    • Bonnie Ramsey profile image

      Bonnie Ramsey 10 years ago from United States

      Thanks for vititing, Tambri! I love her show, too! Unfortunately since I moved, I don't get TruTV anymore! :(


    • profile image

      Tambri Runk 10 years ago

      I really like Dayle's show. It is very informative and intriguing. I am an avid fan of hers. I would like to find an autographed photo of hers if at all possible. Dayle is my insperation.


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