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Crowdfunding: How To Get A Hand Up!

Updated on December 7, 2016

Collect $200 Salary As You Pass Go

In a previous article I showed you How To Make A Million Dollars Without Working Another Day In Your Life, now I 'm going to introduce you to a bunch of people who want to help you.

The above title is a reference to the game of "Monopoly, that old classic board game that taught us all that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. But, who are we kidding, we'd all love to find out for ourselves right? Of course being successful will come with it's ups and downs, but everyone should have a chance in life to truly be up and not always down. Now when I say 'up' I don't mean tax refund money. "Oh yea I just got $3000 back I'm on top of the world!" Uh...No. Actually you're now deeper in debt because if you haven't noticed tax breaks are only given to people who take on more debt. Buy a new house that will eventually go down in's a tax break. Had a kid that's going to cost way more than the few thousand the government is going to give you for having a tax break. I think you get the point. What I'm talking about is really being 'up'. I'm talking about financial security.

Are you sick and tired of working your ass off 5,6, sometimes 7 days a week just to make enough money to keep food in the frig and a roof over your head. Maybe you have a little more than the average, maybe you have enough for a slightly bigger house, bigger frig, a few cars, but did you ever wonder what would happen if someone gets terminally ill or loses their job in your family? Most people don't have more than 3 months of accumulated funds in case of emergency in their savings. Even if you had a years worth who's to say that's enough? My advice is start some type of business or other means of collecting residual income on a monthly basis, in other words instead of collecting liabilities like the newest cars, clothes, or gadgets that cost you money and make you nothing in return, you should invest in some assets that will bring money in.

Okay a business isn't for everyone. Some people feel safe and secure with that weekly or bi-weekly money coming in. Some people are scared to take a risk and try to get out of the rat race. They're comfortably fine running around on that wheel everyday. Going nowhere. But, even for those people I again ask; what if something bad happens and you don't have any money? Yea there are government assistance programs like unemployment and food stamps, but what self respecting person wants the government taking care of them all the time? Luckily for us all this is 2015 and believe it or not some things have actually changed for the better.

Giving More Than A Single Hand

Wikipedia defines crowdfunding as "Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, typically via the internet." I'd say that's an accurate definition, but how does it work?

Although most people see crowdfunding as something that has sprung from internet, and when you hear the word you think of websites like 'Kickstarter', but in actuality crowdfunding has been going on forever. If you've ever been in a raffle to help someone get or do something you were involved in crowdfunding. The internet is just a faster and more convient way to do it. Now let's go back to my previous examples.

Okay, so you're down on your luck. You just lost your job, your girlfriend just left you and your dog died. Right now you just need to get away so you can recharge and get your head clear. You have enough money to last you a few months, but taking a vacation right now might not be the wisest thing to do as far as your money goes. You could go on a site like gofundme and tell your story. I've seen a guy get almost $1000 just because his girl was on Spring Break in Miami without him and he thought she was going to cheat on him. You could apply this to any situation where you just need some cash to get you by or to do something.

Now example #2. You have a great idea, but you don't have the funds to do anything about it. You see you can have the greatest idea in the world but without capital that dream will never turn into a reality. This is again where crowdfunding comes in. Start a campaign through one of the crowdfunding sites and tell your story. What do you have to lose? If it works you end up turning a great idea into a great solution. Every idea is basically a solution to a problem and solutions to problems not only help a lot of people, but also makes a lot of money. If it doesn't work, oh well at least you didn't just sit on your butt and do nothing about it.

Two Models

Before you go out and start telling your story, first let me explain the two types of crowdfunding models; Rewards and Equity. The one that's been around the longest s the rewards model. In this model people are pre-purchase products or donate. With the equity model people buy shares in a company, so it's kind of like your company going public, but without the stock market. You will have to decide which one is for you, but if you don't have a company to begin with then you'd obviously have to go with the awards model. Personally I have only used one of these sites. I have a gofundme campaign up right now. I don't have any donations yet, but there are certain criteria and a little social media work that you may have to put in to get some of these campaign's running on some of these sites. I am basically trying to build a website that will believe it or not save you more time and money than any site out there right now.

For your convenience I have provided the current Top 10 crowdfunding sites below. The ranking is provided by Alexa which is a global ranking system for websites. Although there are many factors that come into play while ranking, my research has shown this list to be pretty accurate.

  6. YouCaring

A Beginning Is The Means To An End

Have you ever seen the show Shark Tank? Well if not you can click that link and come back after an episode or two, I don't mind. The show is great. It consists of 5 or 6 millionaires (Mark Cuban is a billionaire) or sharks as they are called, who sit in a room and listen to people pitch their products in the hopes that they will team up with them. Both sides are looking to make more money, but they must come to a common ground first. When I first saw this show and witnessed real people with small ideas become millionaires before my eyes I said to myself, "this is unbelievable", but it's usually not as easy as getting on the show. The sharks on the show are no different from an millionaire investor out there who wants to expand their portfolio and gain a few more assets. They don't want to work for their money. They'd rather give you some of their money and have you and their money work for them. The problem with this situation is that unless you just have the greatest idea and a patent to throw in with it, these investors are looking for sales. That's why I look at something like Shark Tank or any type of investors as a step or two after crowdfunding. You want to build up sales or a following before you go to the big dogs or 'sharks'. Think about it, you don't want to jump inside of a shark tank without any training would you? Maybe you wouldn't want to jump in one at all, but if it was going to make you rich and you were highly trained to survive would you then?

Below I have left you will several links to get you started on your initial research. Don't ever take mine or anyone else's word for anything other than face value. Always research for yourself before you make a decision. All I ask is if you liked this article and you have the means to lend a helping hand please check out my campaign here. If you can't or don't feel like it (sometimes people just don't feel like it. I get it ) then I hope that I have educated you and maybe you can give me some feedback or tell me your story with a comment box below.

Happy Funding.


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