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Crowdspring Website Review

Updated on December 21, 2013

Crowdspring is a delightful online site with wonderful things to offer members

Crowdspring is a small internet company providing big business. They are based out of Chicago Illinois, but work exclusively on the web. Founded by Ross Kimbarovsky and Mike Samson their company design is to connect the business world with creative freelance designers from all over the world. The owners of this online retailer have a background in law as well as the creative industry. The combination has worked remarkably for a wonderful business with lots of positive feedback and competitively based reimbursement.

This is an overview and review of this particular online company. Crowdspring is in a category all alone for any similar companies on the web. Although there are several coming close, none are matched identically or indistinguishable from Crowdspring.

What the company does

Crowdspring has customers/businesses from 200 different countries searching for freelancers to perform a variety of services which include such things as package design, web design, designing logos, product name creations and tons of other projects.

Companies are provided with talent pools for their writing projects, industrial design jobs or graphic design services and tons more classifications of various jobs. Freelancers are the majority of the talent seeking a connection with these types of businesses for their source of income which makes this model perfect for both parties.

Although they are similar to some of the other online websites connecting clients with freelance writers for paid writing assignments there is one enormous difference. They differentiate themselves because they offer more ventures than just writing tasks. They look for talent to fill 47 different categories of work every day of the week.

Positive feedback is nearly 100 percent

Positive feedback and recommendations for their services are made by an overwhelming estimated 96% of company customers. This means the clients or businesses coming to the company searching for a workforce are satisfied. They find Crowdspring is able to complete their employment requests for personnel.

They are featured in a positive light in publications such as the New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Week, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal.

Comparing the pay Creatives or employees working with the site receive for reimbursement with almost similar sites reveals an extremely competitive rate of pay for each job. The work is posted in an easy to read format and correspondence between both parties flows easily and with few or no obstacles.

Members or clients searching for professionals to complete work receives the highest professional services at the best cost.

How does it work

A business advertises work

A business advertises detailed info outlining the freelance worker they need for a service. The details include the project time line, payment and other distinct material personnel will need to work on it. An enormous data base holds this information which Creatives search through to find the open position with a good fit for them.

Although Crowdspring is paid for their services, the fee is worth it based on the amount of pay freelancers are capable of earning by working for the sight and the number of workers a business has bidding for their work.

Freelancers connect with jobs

Getting started is easy. Creatives come to the site and establish a profile, submit an avatar and are capable of searching through the data base of open projects. They have a bidding process for each open position under the 47 different categories the site offers. If you have skills in more than one category, apply for multiple classifications.

Emails for all jobs of interest

Freelancers working with the company are able to receive emails based on the profile information they give which matches their skills, expertise and expected level of pay with jobs posted from members/businesses.

Bidding process

After the bidding process is completed, Creatives are notified if they won. Winners are awarded the contract and the process moves on to completing the work. Once the work is complete and payment is made, the process will start over again. This is nice for companies to have tons of Creatives bidding for services and lots of professionals to choose from.

Money held in escrow

Payment for any job under the 47 groupings or categories of work is held in an escrow account when bid is accepted until job is complete. This guarantees freelancers are paid for their services and businesses know a freelancer will not run off with their pay before producing the work product.

Several pros of working for the company

Sorting out work

Email filters are capable of recruiting freelancers based on rate of pay, type of job and other detailed data. Freelancers are not limited to working a set number of jobs or receiving number of emails they receive about open positions. This is remarkable for opening the floor for work assignment possibilities and money to be earned.

Payment per job is higher

The average rate of pay for nearly all jobs on the site is very competitive. It is much higher than similar sites offering the same type of jobs.


The website has a blog full of interesting articles or posts covering subject matters such as what the average company spends on Social Media Marketing and discussing the metrics for social media marketing success and so much more. There are nearly 800 pieces of content found on the website blog which are all full of useful and relevant information.

Free eBooks

There are free eBooks available for their website visitors. They include two eBooks around the subject matter of contracts. One eBook is for designers and the other for software developers. These are two of the biggest freelancers currently working with the company and account for a majority of the work they deliver to customers and clients.

Monthly prize winners

Another advantage of working with this online resource is the company monetarily honors monthly winners for their quality design and written work produced at the site. For an example, the prize for January 2012 was $1000 for the creative receiving the highest number of four and five star votes from customers for their work submissions. This is great. Another income avenue on top of what you earn for your professional services to clients.

The monthly prize has continued to grow since Jan 2012 and does vary higher for some months than others.

Money Back Guarantee for Clients

One of the best things about the company is the fact they offer a money back guarantee for their services. This includes complete satisfaction for the services provided in the design or writing project a client receives. This option attracts lots of companies and business aspects searching for a place to post jobs for freelancers.

Any businesses finding their needs were not met or the minimum requirement for the project wasn’t seen contacts Crowdspring for their guaranteed money back process. The minimum design or writing project details are spelled out specifically for each contract posted. It is well advised fro both the Creative and the business to review the project details before making or accepting bids.

Little guy feels like the big guys

This is a wonderful resource for the little guy, small business and single entrepreneurs that want to have the same great service the big guy does. The smaller business model is capable of building the same team of professional resources the larger companies have for their logo design, web design, product name, package design and company name work products.

Some of the cons of working for the company

No affiliate program

There is no affiliate program tied to the website. This is not a make or break decision for lots of people deciding to become members. However, affiliate programs are always nice to have for a community you enjoy. It builds a bigger base at a faster rate.

A binding legal contract is produced for every job accepted

There is a free and binding legal contract generated with every transaction between a business and the creative community freelancers. Contracts are secured by a free digital watermark, secure escrow service and feedback rating system. Each of the transactions done by the online site seeks to get the best deal for both the business and the creative minds behind the services being provided. This is both a pro and con for many writers and businesses behind projects for sale.

More competition than most sites

There is a lot of competition for the service or product. With a large variety of categories of work quite a few freelancers are on the site searching through employment opportunities. More competition means stiffer rivals for the positions.

The competition is fierce for Creatives searching for would be jobs. The average job has more than 100 Creatives from almost 200 countries bidding for one single job. You will receive email notifications, but the chances of getting a job you actually bid on are few and far between. This possibly results from the high amount of competition or the high amount of payment for each job. Even with global competition the fees paid for services are much higher than similar websites.


Pricing for the service is certainly not outrageous. For instance, a business will expect to pay approximately $385 for their printing designs project. This is comprised of print designs for advertising, book covers, brochures and more as outlined in the job details. Some are only slightly different than others. Company naming work starts around $100 and includes 100 different names, nonprofit names and the money back guarantee. Logo designing is extremely popular and a customer will expect the fee of $269 to be for 110 plus average entries from a pool of 108,000 Creatives.

The Crowdspring Company has a 15% fee, payable by the business not the freelancer, for every connection they make with a employee and a business that needs services provided. This means writers do not have to pay for the opportunity to connect with a business or job opportunity. There are a number of sites which have the freelancer pay the fee for the connection.

Website built for business instead of workers

Along with all of the advantages seen working for Crowdspring there are one or two disadvantages to be seen. The Crowdspring website is not extremely user friendly for workers searching through the site. It is mainly developed for their clients to access the site and not so much for the employee bidding on the projects.

In conclusion

This is a wonderful opportunity for countless freelancers around the web to make great money doing something they enjoy. Although there are a variety of jobs available, 47 categories in all, the majority are not for the writing genre. Though, there are more than a few jobs to be had at a great rate of pay.

Competition is fierce because the pay is remarkable and the work pretty consistent which are both extremely appealing for freelancers around the web. More than 200 countries use Crowdspring which means working with lots of different people.

Overall if you have more than one expertise you will do well on this site. For simple writers without skills in web design and other services the jobs are paid very well, but there are not a lot of them. It will not hurt to join, but prepare to wait a while between work assignments.

If you have worked with the site, please leave a comment or advice or share something you would like us to know.

How to post a project to the Crowdspring website


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    • phdast7 profile image

      Theresa Ast 5 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Very Interesting. I had never heard of this company. The number of creative bids for a single job is really a sign of our dismal economic situation. Good Hub.