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Crunch Time To Do Lists: How to Prioritize and Memorize

Updated on December 7, 2012

To Do List Examples

Blank  To Do List
Blank To Do List
A Filled Out , Color Coded To Do List .
A Filled Out , Color Coded To Do List .
Blank Weekly Calendar.
Blank Weekly Calendar.
Filled In Weekly Calendar, Assignments on Top, To Do List Items For The Day On Bottom.
Filled In Weekly Calendar, Assignments on Top, To Do List Items For The Day On Bottom.

A Guide To An Efficient Academic To Do List

The key to making an inspiring to do list is organization. For me, this includes a two different systems that stay the same from week to week. For example, I use a template that comes from my printer's office forms menu that has check boxes on the left and long lines extending on the side of each check box. At the top I put the dates of the week. Towards the top of the list I put assignments that are due earliest. I put the due date on every line. Towards the bottom I put assignments that are due later.

I also color code these assignments. Anything in red is high priority, this would include lesson plans, term papers, and practicing that needs to be done immediately. Anything in blue is medium priority, this includes reading assignments, concert reviews and most work for core curriculum classes. Lastly, anything in black pen is my "get to it later" pile. This includes long term project work that will eventually go on a different list in blue or red. It also includes assignments that I feel are assigned as busy work, particularly for core classes where the work wont be checked. If I have time I will get to it, but if I don't have time it will not have an effect on my grade.

My second system is to print a blank weekly calendar and separate it into two segments. At the beginning of each semester I take due dates from each class syllabus that I receive and put them in the top segment of the blank days. I also include any concert dates and exam times as well as any extra curricular stuff I have.

This is all in addition to the iCal that I already use on my iPad. On the bottom segment I write exactly what I intend to do each day. I write these in typically the beginning of each week for the current week. I also do a quick check on my long term assignments to see if they need any prep work in advance. I also use the app iStudiez pro along side the apple Reminders app

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