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Crux Of Group Discussion

Updated on April 1, 2015

Group Discussion Techniques

Group Discussion technique is used for

  • Mass elimination
  • Selection criteria
  • Communication skills.

In an organization communication with different people like team members, managers and customers is imperative. Therefore interpersonal skill, communication skill is very important sleuth which is tested in group discussion.

One might be proficient in adroitness, but what if you are lagging in interpersonal skills, lagging in communication; you won’t be able to communicate your thoughts in front of seniors or evaluators and will simply lose the credits of your own work!

Group discussions (GDs) are a crucial part and parcel pertaining to the MBA eligibility in India.. You can foresee to get into the next round of selection only after passing through this hurdle. If you are wondering as to how to conduct yourselves at the big day of GD, read on the helpful tips for MBA admissions.

What is Group Discussion and its Importance

The concept of Group Discussion has not been a part of the regular academic curriculum in Colleges and Universities. So, students usually face a lot of problem in this area of the Selection Process. Let us first understand why Group Discussion is conducted.

Most organizations today are very clear about the skills and knowledge that they look for in a candidate while screening. This was not the case a couple of years ago. Group Discussion has been a part of the Selection process for admission into most of the top Business Schools as today almost every company uses this as a selection criterion.

The skills that are usually assessed in a Group Discussion are:

• Communication Skills
• Interpersonal Skills
• Leadership Skills
• Motivational Skills
• Team Building Skills
• Listening skills
• Presentation Skills

Thumb Rules

These are those basics which none will tell you about, but you would need to nestle it in the grey cells of your brain if you are determined to get in to India There are no tricks to succeed in a Group Discussion, one must stick to basics and focus on few important things which are equally important in our day to day life. Few of which are discussed below

Confidence does the trick - A candidate high on knowledge, but abysmally low on confidence can never expect to sail smoothly through the Group Discussion. whenever you open your mouth to address the topic, the tone of your voice should be laced with a streak of confidence,

Express yourself effectively - Cultivate a habit of discussing topics of critical importance with your friends or batch mates as this will kindle the innate quality of effective communication

Stick to the assigned topic - Do not speak endlessly on the topic because chances are high of your going off-topic. Speak what is necessary at the right time. Deviation from topic is a strictly no-no when it comes to Group Discussion.

Practice is the key - Many candidates with a proven track record of impressive English languages tend to fumble and go astray at the Group Discussion. The answer lies in the fact that out of overconfidence, many students do not practice and land straight at the venue of the GDs to be showing off their skills.

Tips to Ace Your Group Discussion

1) Keep eye contact while speaking: - Keep eye contact with every team member while speaking not only with the evaluator.

2) Initiation: - Initiating the GD is a big plus however it should be done only when there is clear understanding and some knowledge of topic. Or else it’s better to wait and watch i.e. to let other speak, get an idea from their speech and then do value addition from your side.

3) Allow others to speak: -Do not interrupt anyone in-between while speaking even if you don’t agree with them. Instead jot down your points and speak once the other person has completed.

4) Clarity: - Use simple and understandable words while speaking with clarity

5) Make sure to bring the discussion on track: -If by any means group is distracting from the topic or goal then simply take initiative to bring the discussion on the track. Make all group members aware that you all need to come to some conclusion at the end of the discussion. So stick to the topic.

6) Positive attitude: - Be confident. Do not try to dominate anyone. Show interest in discussion.

7) Sensible Speech – Do not speak just to grab the opportunity; your speech should always have good content. A short speech is more valuable than a long content less and irrelevant speech.

8) Listen intently – In group discussion we should give equal weightage to others speech and try to understand their point to view ,because the concept behind a group discussion is how a person behaves in group and how well they understand and come to a conclusion taking the whole group together.

9) Doubt Clarification - If you have some doubts or want some clarifications on the subject/topic of the discussion, make sure to ask and clear them out before the discussion begins.

12) Always carry a pen and a notebook. This allows you to refer to what others have said previously.

Steps in Group Discussion

Initiate a Group Discussion

1. By beginning a Group Discussion, you not only seize an opportunity to speak but also you grab everybody’s attention.
2. By initiating you will get maximum uninterrupted time to present your views and skills over other participants.

3. Try to make an impression through your content and communication skills while beginning a GD.
5. You should initiate a GD only if you have properly understood the topic and have some knowledge about it, do not quote wrong facts.
6. Try to give right direction to a GD by giving logical points.

If you have not initiated the GD, don’t lose heart. You can still enter the GD and make your presence felt.

Enter a Group Discussion midway

1. As every GD has its highs and lows try to enter a GD during low times.

3. Try to enter a Group Discussion by making a supportive or appreciating statement in favor of the last point made as people will think you are favoring them and they will let you speak.

It takes great talent to speak sense continuously and hold everyone’s attention.

Lead or Carry on a Group Discussion

1. Try to bring new ideas in a GD.
3. Try to gain support from other participants of the Group Discussion through your body language, eye contact and oral etiquette.
4. Find out if the Group Discussion is on track or not. If a GD is going off track, try to bring it back on the topic.

Conclude a Group Discussion

1. You should concisely summarize all points discussed in a Group Discussion in nutshell.
2. While concluding a GD, avoid raising new points.
5. While summarizing, include all important points that came out during the group discussion.


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