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Current Median Salary for Electricians is $23.20 per Hour

Updated on August 21, 2012

Good Reason to be an Electrician; Job Stability

The prospect of earning an electrician salary is only one of the good reasons for choosing a career as an electrician. Job stability and job growth rate are more good reasons for choosing a career in the electrical field. Still another good reason for choosing a career as an electrician is the vast variety of jobs available in this field from working for electric companies with power lines to working with electrical contractors in residential and industrial wiring—the types of jobs available in the electric field offer individuals choices such as working indoors or outdoors, working in one place such as an industrial setting or working with an electrical contractor from place to place working exclusively in new construction, etc… So, there as several other advantages to choosing an electrical career besides an electrician salary, that makes it an excellent career choice.

When it comes to job trends, the national job growth rate for the electrical field is projected to rise for many years to come. In fact, in a handbook published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics, by 2020 the job growth rate for the electrical field is expected to be 23% higher than the national average job growth rate. That statistic also asserts the stability of jobs for electrician; since more electricians will be needed in the future, all current electricians are almost guaranteed employment. So, if job stability is one of the important factors in your decision making for a career choice (as it should be) then you can just about bank on it with an electrician career.

Pay and Benefits

The current national median salary for electricians reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is $23.20 per hour. That means that half of the U.S. electricians make that much or less and the other half of U.S. Electricians make more than that. Some of the highest paid electrician salaries are paid by electric companies to their lineman and earned by master electricians and electrical contractors. It isn’t unusual for these individuals to make close to (or even over) $100,000 per year.

Another attractive aspect of the electrical field is the variety of sub-specialties and jobs within the field. Individuals have many options when it comes to job choices. Electricians work in a large variety of environments such as in new construction or doing upgrades and renovations. Individuals have other choices as well such as working in an industrial or residential environment. Industrial jobs such as working to maintain the electrical systems and equipment in factories offer electricians regular 9-5 jobs with added benefits like medical insurance and retirement plans. These same types of benefits are often given to electricians that work for electrical contractors and electric companies. So, in most job scenarios, individuals not only earn a decent electrician salary, they also get employment benefits like medical insurance and retirement plans.

A Career that offers a 'Happy Ever After'

There are many advantages to choosing a career as an electrician besides the enticement of a high paying electrician salary. Electricians can enjoy job stability for years to come, pick their actual job from many different sub-specialties of the electrical field and enjoy the security of other job benefits like retirement plans and medical insurance.

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