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Custom Badge Reels

Updated on November 26, 2012

The Badge Reel and Keys

People often forget that badge reels can be used to do more than carry a person’s ID.

Reels can be utilized to carry and hold an individual’s keys.

One of the best clips for this application is the handy belt clip. This particular attachment is capable of carrying a number of different traditional keys. It is possible to get belt clips which have a swivel feature. This particular option allows the wearer to rotate the item being carried without affecting the clip itself.

Carrying keys in this fashion reduces the chance of keys being lost or misplaced. Additionally, it gives a person quick and easy access. Furthermore, if a person chooses the retractable badge reel they can use the keys without having to remove the clip.

It is important to realize that if you intend to carry a lot of keys that you obtain a quality reel. A cheap reel will not be capable of carrying the weight of the keys.

Offering Badge Reels at Trade Shows

Trade shows and fairs attract thousands of people. However, before you sign-up for every show in the region; remember that at these events you will face competition. This is not just competition in regards to your company, but in terms of promotional items. Other businesses may also be handing out similar products. If you want your promotional items to stand apart, and to have an effect on those attending, there are certain steps which you should take.

Make each and every item count. You can do this by using the promotional items as a means of establishing a relationship. Do not simply allow people to walk by and take the items off the table. Instead, if a person is showing interest at your booth or table, strike up a conversation. Use the gift as a way of breaking-the-ice.

Another way to offer gifts is to require that every person who wants to receive a free gift leave their business card in a bowl. If you are uncomfortable asking this, you can simply have a sign which states that free gifts will be given to those who leave their cards in a bowl or box. This container should be placed at the front of your table where it can be clearly seen by every person who passes by.

If you can, approach the organizers of the event directly. This technique may not be feasible at large shows, but it is certainly possible at smaller venues. Ask the organizers if they are intending to ask people at the show to wear ID. Some shows ask that all of the sellers wear ID or that any and all member of the media do. If this is the case, you could offer to supply the venue with your custom badge reels.

This is one of the best ways to get your reels noticed. Your badges will be seen by everyone in attendance, not just those who visit your booth.

If you are not able to attend an event in person, you can still generate business by asking that another business hand out your reels. This is a great technique, especially if you do not want to have your own booth. The other sellers can gain by having a free token to hand out and you will gain by having your reels distributed.

Trade shows and fairs can be a great place to generate interest in your company, if you have a strategy.

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